How to Make The Ultimate Cheese Platter

I’m all about hosting fun parties and get togethers, especially during the summer months!  And, obviously, a cheese platter is the perfect food to serve guests- there’s something for everyone :)

Here a few guidelines to follow for the ultimate cheese platter:

  • Typically allow for three ounces of cheese per person. “Most cheese boards I make feed about eight to 12 people, so if you need to feed more, feel free to adjust the following guidelines,” explains What’s Gaby Cooking.  “Three to five kinds of cheese is a great starting point!”
  • “If serving fresh fruit, make sure it’s something that doesn’t brown easily or leak onto your beautiful selection of cheeses. Make a separate fresh fruit plate if you must have one,” tells
  • I also love to label the cheese and other items so that’s 100% clear what’s there – this will also prevent any food allergy issues from coming up!
  • Mix up the kinds of cheese with soft, semi-firm, and hard/aged cheeses.  I like to use brie, goat cheese and pecorino romano – yum!
  • For non-cheese food, I love nuts! You can never go wrong with marcona almonds or pecans.  Dried fruit, fresh fruit and crackers are also a great addition.
  • If you’re feeling really excited, you can also add some cured meets to the tray!  I’m vegetarian but my friends always love salami and prosciutto.  Speaking of which, put together this amazing vegan “cheese” platter that I’m also obsessed with!

You can also get creative with the actual platter you use- wood, marble, ceramic, etc., but here are a few of my favorites:


What do you guys put on your cheese platters? Comment below and let me know what I should try!

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