Show Your Mom Some Love: Paper Source Giveaway

Show Your Mom Some Love: $100 Paper Source Gift Card Giveaway with Katherine Schwarzenegger

Thanks to everyone who participated in my Mother’s Day giveaway! And a shout out to Paper Source for making it happen :)

Congrats to Casey Voelker!! You are the recipient of a $100 Paper Source gift card. Please email with your mailing address so we can send your prize. 

And if you didn’t win this round, be sure to enter my latest book giveaway here.


If you haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed with everything Paper Source has to offer. I’ve featured their creatively cute products in gift guides and style boards for living spaces here on the site, and even have a few of their frames and décor items sprinkled throughout my house!

So today I’m excited to announce I’ve partnered with Paper Source in new giveaway that celebrates the spirit of Mother’s Day.  Keep reading to see how you can win a $100 Paper Source gift card!

Show Your Mom Some Love:  $100 Paper Source Gift Card Giveaway  with Katherine Schwarzenegger

How to Enter:

  1. Visit the Paper Source website and pick a product that you’d love to give to your mom for Mother’s Day. Check out their Mother’s Day Gift Guide for ideas!
  1. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post and tell us about your favorite product and why your mom deserves it.
  1. We will announce one lucky winner from the site comments on  Monday, May 5th so make sure to get your comments in before then.

Submissions for this giveaway will end Sunday, May 4th at 11:59 pm EST, so you guys have one week to enter and share with your family/friends!

Good luck!



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32 thoughts on “Show Your Mom Some Love: Paper Source Giveaway

  1. Kendall says:

    I love the “Home is Where your Mom Is” pillow, and she so deserves it because she is currently going through a separation from my father, and her strength impresses me every day!

  2. KMcWriter says:

    The Mary Poppins/”Practically Perfect in Every Way” apron would be perfect for my mother.

  3. Robert Powell says:

    Hi Katherine,

    Showing my Mom some love. ^^

    “My Mom: Her stories, Her words.” It would be a nice book for her to write down some of her fond memories and stories that she always likes to tell my brother and I. The cover and color are great.

    “150 Love Notes.” I like the dog on the cover, she would too, but I think she would enjoy 150 love notes, she has a kind heart and has a great sense of humor, she deserves to read something like this.

    And “The Forest Feast.” I think she would appreciate this book. My Mom, Jacqueline, is from the San Francisco Bay Area and is now living in a condo in upstate New York near NYC as an engineer and the author of “The Forest Feast” is Erin who moved from NYC to a cabin near San Francisco.. cool. The Forest Feast, it says, was inspired by the forest surrounding the author’s cabin and is about seasonal vegetarian recipes with “beautiful art” and healthy recipes, I like that. :) My Mom loves to cook and talk about great food she’s had, she is battling cancer, which was discovered last year, and is going to treatments in New York City, and, so, now she’s talking about eating healthier. I think she would enjoy the book and all these gifts, she deserves them for still working so hard to support my brother and I and always being a great mother to us. I’m going to college in Ohio, far from her, I will see her the weekend after the semester ends on her birthday, May 11th. Naturally, Mother’s Day and my Mom’s Birthday are on the same day this year, she’ll be turning 64.. :) I love my Mom, I want to be the sunshine that brightens up her day, I want to be the wind that blows her fears away.. I want to be the water that washes away her tears, I want to be the son that she holds so dear.. I hope it’s a great day for her. Thanks for introducing me to Paper Source Ms. Schwarzenegger. This contest has made think more about what I will be doing for my Mom this year and in the future. This contest, $100 is almost nothing. I’m already lucky to have a good Mom. You are too. Have a great day! God bless. ^^



  4. Ayisha says:

    Papersource is one of my favorites too! My mom would love any of the tea items–tea leaves, tea towels, and mugs would be just the ticket for her. <3 my mom!

  5. Cicero Silva says:

    I love the book” What I love about Mom” . I can write a lot of spirtual things about my mother. She is the best person I ever seen in my life. I can wait to have this book. I hope I will win:-) I love you mom! Cicero Silva

  6. Jenn says:

    I love the “Home Is Where Your Mom” is pillow!!! I live across the country from my family and the rest of my siblings have left the nest, so I think my mom would love to have a little piece of her kids at home :) My mom deserves it because she has been so supportive and loving with my dreams (no matter how crazy they are) and she has shown me the true value of family and unconditional love.

    Great giveaway Katherine!

  7. Emma LeGallais says:

    I would pick the “Home is where your mom is” tea because my mom loves tea! I go to school 10 hours away from home and my mom has been helping me an insane amount for my 4 years of college. It is my final semester, and last few weeks, and she has been beyond helpful with my school work, job and grad school applications, all while helping my brother with his high school work and being an elementary teacher herself! I don’t know how she does it! She is just the best and I lover her so much, I don’t know what I would do without her! Thanks :)

  8. Carmen Cuiñas Hernández says:

    Hi Katherine!

    I’m also obsessed with everything in Paper Source. I can’t stop shopping there when I found out about it.

    I’m from Spain and I’m currently studying abroad in Wisconsin. I miss my mom everyday and I’m sure she deserves everything! The thing I miss the most is her food. She loves it when my sister and I say to her that she is the best cook in the world! And she enjoys trying new recipes almost every week! Thus, the “Practically Perfect Apron” would be the ideal present for her. The bold floral print makes it so fashionable! And she is passionate about flowers!

    I can’t wait to see my mom in May!


    1. Barbara Gasquet says:

      Oh my gosh!!! That’s so sweet, Carmen! I am sure your mom would love this!
      Best of luck!!!!
      xxx Barbara

  9. Mary says:

    I would be delighted to give my Mom and Mother-In-Law fun gifts from Paper Source this Mother’s Day. I would select the adorable Mama Bear Mug, Home is Where Your Mom is Tea and a sweet card wrapped in pretty paper for each of them! My wish is that each Mom would enjoy a cup of cheer (tea) on their days off, also know how “beary” special they are to us!! In addition, smile every time they see their mug and remember this memorable Mom’s Day. These thoughtful gifts will show our big appreciation and love for ALL our Mom’s do!! :)

  10. rebekah says:

    i have been a big, big fan of paper source for awhile now, this giveaway is brilliant! i really would love to choose so many things for my mom, she loves feminine, floral things which are plentiful in the mom gift guide and she really is the best mom in the world – i believe i would choose the “you’re a great mom” picture frame and include a personal picture, and of course wrap it up in some lovely gift wrap with a sweet card.

  11. Casey Voelker says:

    I just found the ‘Mama Bear Mug’ thanks to your post :) Can’t wait to send this to my mama bear for mother’s day. It will only be second best to sipping a cup of coffee next to her on mother’s day this year, one of our favorite pastimes :)

  12. Varthika Neethi Mohan says:

    Hi Katherine,
    I LOVE Paper Source and find myself shopping there so often. :)
    My mom lives in India and I can’t wait to take her to Paper Source when she visits. She loves pretty stationery and all things quaint and cute. She is also very sentimental extremely softhearted.
    This Mother’s Day, I’m giving her the Celebrating You book.
    Mom’s always been there for me, always picking me up when I’m down, celebrating my joys with me, putting my needs and wants before hers and I’ve never really thanked her or told her how much I appreciate her for it. I think this book is going to be a lovely way for me to thank her and tell her how much I love her for all that she is to me.

    I’m also giving my Grandmom the Call Your Grandma Card and the Rifle Recipe Box. The card is perfect because my Gammy is my 2 am friend and she’s the most amazing cook ever with a constantly expanding trove of recipes. She loves all things cooking.
    This is a bit of cheat-gift because I’m plotting on stealing the box for myself once she’s filled it with her recipes. :)

    They are both going to be so surprised by their gifts this year. I so wish I could give it to them in person. They’re both such lovely people and the best moms ever. :)


      1. Varthika Neethi Mohan says:

        Thanks Katherine! :) Went shopping to Paper Source yesterday. Shipped a package home, to India, just now :)

  13. Lauren Angileri Beening says:

    I love the “Home Is Where Your Mom Is” pillow. I know my Mom would love it because she spends the winter in Florida and we start to miss each other after a while. I know I would also love it because 2 of my kids live far away from me, but I feel close to them even though we don’t live in the same state. Their home will alway be wherever I am. <3

  14. Lauren says:

    My mom would love the minimergency kit and the best mom ever frame – she’s taught me and has supported me so much throughout life, saving me from many emergencies (hence, the minimergency kit!). I would love to give her the best mom frame. It’s so easy to take moms for granted and I often forget to give her the thanks she deserves!

  15. crystal s says:

    I would love to give my mom the Nesting Measuring Coffee Cups along with the Helped Me Grow Mother’s Day Card. She deserves them because she’s my mom! She’s a sweet loving person who I know would love to have these as a gift.
    sellcrystal2 at yahoo dot com

  16. Jennifer Johnson says:

    The Troubles Fly Away necklace. It would make her smile every time she saw it! She is having health issues and that little glimmer of a gold bird would surely brighten her day.

  17. Dayna Lee says:

    Hi Katherine!

    I would choose the Mother’s Day Tea because my family and I always enjoy drinking different types of tea on Sunday mornings to catch up together. This would be a great addition to our collection of loose leaf and bagged tea. :)

    P.S. I just wanted to tell you that after reading your book I like the idea of having a “pause” stage after graduation. I never thought of it that way… so it was something neat to think about. I really enjoyed reading about Jared Eng and how he went to Columbia with a Computer Science degree and had the courage to break out of the norm and pursue something he loved! And the tenacity of Anderson Cooper to travel to Burma alone…wow!! Anyways… this comment turned out longer than expected haha, but my Mom actually bought your book for me so I guess this relates! :)

  18. Lani @ Elle Dee Designs says:

    Loving the just between us journal and the coral grapefruit candle! My mom is amazing and when I’m stressed, tired or down it never matters what challenges she is struggling with she is always there to pick me up or encourage me.

  19. Cindy Loo says:

    The Celebrating You book would be perfect for my mom! Even though I tell her every chance I get, I want her to have a tangible reminder that she is AWESOME and deserves to be treated like a rockstar!

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