The Secret To Long Lasting Lipstick

We all have had those days or nights when we have decided to be a little more fierce and wear a bold lip color. You know you wore your color well when you end your night with the lip color still on or gently faded. Our biggest fear is ending the night to find your color has feathered around your mouth and your lips look dry and cracked, or worse — you have “roast beef lips” (strong liner with no color left in the middle).

To end the possibility of having anxiety all night wondering how your lipstick will turn out, I have listed the key steps to get long-lasting lipstick and the perfect pout!


6 Steps to Long-Lasting Lipstick

1. Prep and Prime
I always love to prep my lips with a nice scrub followed by a little nourishment, to keep your lips looking nice and hydrated. I love Sara Happ’s lip scrub in any flavor. I gently apply some of the scrub and follow it up with her “lip slip” which I gently Dab on my lips to give them a little something.

2. Line
Once you’ve chosen your lip color, find a liner that is either the same color or slightly lighter. Take the liner and carefully line the outer parts of your lips. Have a sharpened lip liner helps a lot when doing this step.

3. Apply
Once you have lined your lips, our next step will be to fill your lips in. You can either lightly fill them in with the liner and go over it with lipstick, or you can go right to the lipstick color. I like to use a small lipstick brush, because it gives me more control of the lipstick color, and especially if it’s a deep or rich color, you want to have as much control of the color as possible when applying.

4. Blot
Once you are done applying the color, you will want to gently rub your lips together to make sure the lipstick is evenly spread on your lips. Then you want to blot your lips with a tissue to get any extra off before the next step.

5. Conceal
To make your lips extra perfect, you can take a concealer and a fine brush and go around your lips with some concealer to make sure you don’t have any feathering of the color. This will also leave your pout looking super professional and perfect.

6. Gloss (Optional)
If you are going for a matte lip look, skip this step, but if you want a high shine, make sure you end with a light application of gloss around your lips.

And there you have it, a perfect lip that will hopefully last you the whole night! Always make sure you bring your color for touch ups depending on the product used. xo

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