Adoptable Dogs from Scout’s Honor Rescue

Since their formation, Scout’s Honor has rescued more than 2,500 animals and currently has over 80 dogs and cats in their program!  This amazing organization rescues animals from city pounds, including animals from Houston’s local animal shelters, and they have a really large assortment of cats and dogs of all different types of breeds —from small to large (and do not forget about their kitties!)  Here are just five of the love bugs currently in need of a home…but don’t forget that Scout’s Honor is also always looking for foster families as well if adoption isn’t an option for you right now <3

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Peppa (Special Needs Labrador Retriever, Female, Young, Large)

Peppa has suffered some kind of trauma, causing her to be paralyzed from the waist down.  After spending a few nights at the ER vet, VERGI, they took her to the vet school at Texas A&M.  Her CT scan showed fractures at L6 and L7.  Unfortunately, she has a serious urinary tract infection and her bladder was expanded more than capacity because she sat at the shelter for a week without anyone eliminating her bladder.

Good/bad news- because of the length of the time since her injury, which they estimate to be a 1 1/2 weeks or so, surgery is not her best option because she’s already healing. Instead, medical management is the way to go. That means she will be kept on strict kennel rest and pain meds for 4-6 weeks. If she is going to gain mobility, we should see it within this time. And if she does, they feel like she should also gain her bladder function. Ideal situation!

She’s now back in Houston and they desperately need a foster home for her!  She cannot go to boarding!  In about 3 weeks they will assess getting her into a wheelchair.  She’s so sweet and very determined.  She loves being around other dogs too!

If you are interested in adopting this beautiful girl, please contact us right away at

Captain (Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler/Pointer Mixed, Male, Young, Medium)

Meet Captain! Captain has two motivations in life: squeak all the squeaky things and snuggle! He’s a 2ish-year-old Australian cattle dog with a lot of energy. The more active his forever family is the better!  Cap’s forever family would ideally have a forever backyard so he can run and play and chase squirrels. Because of his size and his energy, small dogs seem more like squeaky toys than play friends. Cap is sociable on walks but not overly eager to meet and greet other dogs. He’s crate trained and likes sleeping with his special blanket. Captain is an incredibly sweet dog with endless love, energy, and snuggles to give.  All he asks in return is love and squeaky toys!

Captain is the happiest boy! He knew he was safe when we put that leash around his neck at the kennel.  He trotted out of that building, head held high stopping by every volunteer so they could give him one last pet.  See, Captain was a shelter favorite and everyone loved him.  His spots tell us he has some australian cattle dog mix in him and his smile says he’ll make some lucky family so happy for many years!

Captain is doing great in his foster home and does great with his two smaller canine siblings! He likes to play, but also likes to lounge around watching his favorite sports teams! We would love to get Captain into a forever home!

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please contact us right away at

Aubrey (Schnauzer/Border Terrier/Mixed, Female, Adult, Small)

Aubrey is a precious 6-8 year old schnauzer/border terrier mix. This little lady had a very tough beginning but thankfully is on the mend.  They pulled her as a “healthy dog” from Harris County but their vets found elevated white cell count so they looked for the source of infection. They found not one but two sources that were filling this baby’s body with infection, Pyometra and a mouth full of rotten teeth, the worst our vet had ever seen. So off to surgery she went. Thank goodness this little lady is a spunky one. She made it through everything just fine, even though she lost all her teeth.

Aubrey is cute and feisty, loving and cuddly, very much a schnauzer girl. She gets along with most other dogs but does not love them all. She likes more than she does not, so we will just have to make sure an existing pet is on her good side.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting this precious little girl fill out the appropriate application, foster or adoption, at or email questions to

Clyde (German Shepherd Dog/American Staffordshire Terrier/Mixed, Male, Young, Medium)

Scout’s Honor was shocked when they saw his pictures and heard how he had literally been strangled with a belt by his so called owner.  His strangulation caused a massive deep cut all around his neck and caused the blood not be able to circulate resulting in his face ballooning until he was unrecognizable.  He was confiscated from his owner and charges are pending.  In the meantime, they brought him into their rescue and have nursed him back to health. They could tell he didn’t know what it was like to be treated kindly, but after talking to him a bit and giving him love, he started wagging his tail. He is BEYOND sweet!  Check him out HERE playing with his friends at daycare!

Their vets guess that Clyde is a youngster, maybe two years old and a Cattle Dog mix of sorts.  He’s super friendly and fun-loving now.  He does great with most other dogs that are medium to large in size.  He is high-energy, so he would do best in an active home and with another active dog that can play, and play, and play with him!  He’s not especially fond of cats, so a home without cats is a must.

Clyde is just the sweetest, although he does get his feelings hurts easily when corrected, so he is a quick learner and pleaser.  Makes training a piece of cake!

Clyde is doing fabulous in his foster home with his two canine siblings, but he would really love to find a forever home where he never has to worry again!  Contact if you can help!

King (Labrador Retriever, Male, Senior, Large)

Meet King, a 15-year-old lab that was dumped at the pound by his “owner.” He had a massive basketball sized tumor between his front two legs that impeded his ability to walk.  King is as sweet and goofy as they come. It’s sickening that he had been forced to carry this horrendous appendage around like a ball and chain.

King is 15, but he sure doesn’t act it. This boy has plenty of pep to this step. He such a sweetheart and would be such an easy foster!  He’s doing great and is in a foster home. His surgery went very well and we just received all of the biopsy results- all good news.  We know he feels a million times better now that he is able to walk without the obstruction of the large mass. He is such a sweetheart!

Now, they need to find this great boy a forever home to live out his years. Please complete an adoption app at