Real Women Doing Real Things: Ali Maffucci of Inspiralized

Ali Maffucci, founder of Inspiralized, is a healthy food blogger, New York Times best-selling author, female entrepreneur and all-around positive person (i.e. I simply had to interview her!)  If you’re not already following the healthy food goodness on Instagram, you should be (#Yum!)…and here’s what the New Jersey-based mogul had to say about starting her business from the ground up.

Tell us a little about Inspiralized as a whole.

Inspiralized is the culinary brand dedicated to cooking healthfully and deliciously with the spiralizer, a kitchen tool that turns veggies & fruits into noodles, which can then be used to make healthy meals. The Inspiralized brand started as a food blog and now also includes two New York Times best-selling cookbooks and a spiralizer, the Inspiralizer.

What’s been your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur?

Prioritizing! There is so much I want to do, and it’s hard to focus myself and prioritize my efforts. Since I don’t have a boss telling me what to accomplish, the endless possibilities can sometimes be paralyzing.

What’s one thing you wish you knew from the beginning that you learned along the way?

How important networking is! Many of my biggest accomplishments were made possible by the relationships I formed and people I met.

What’s next for Inspiralized?

More products designed to cook creatively with vegetables!

Do you have any mentors? If so, who and how have they guided you along the way?

I don’t currently have a mentor, but I love Gary Vaynerchuk’s podcasts. I listen to them, read his books, and constantly feel supported by the content he puts out.

What are your three favorite Inspiralized recipes and why?

– Bikini Bolognese: it’s a classic heavy pasta dish that I made lighter with zucchini noodles and by using ground turkey in the meat sauce.

– Butternut Squash Lasagna with Kale and Sausage: it’s such a flavorful lasagna without the lasagna noodles, so there’s no carb coma afterwards.

– Sweet Potato Fried Rice: it’s a takeout classic made healthier, using spiralized sweet potatoes that have been pulsed in a food processor to become rice-like.

As someone leading a positive community of mostly women (I’m assuming?), what’s been the best feedback you’ve received from someone? Any amazing/life changing stories about someone leading an Inspiralized life?

I’ve heard many inspiring stories. My favorite stories to receive are the ones by readers who now eat vegetables because of my recipes or now eat veggies they’ve never heard of because of me (i.e. rutabaga or celeriac.) I also love the stories from mothers who spiralize with their children and get their children to happily eat vegetables at a young age. The feedback and stories I receive from my followers are what keep me going on a daily basis – they motivate, inspire, and encourage me more than they’ll ever know!

For more about Ali and Inspiralized, check out her website.

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