Adoptable Dogs from Liberty Humane Society

Liberty Humane Society in New Jersey caught my attention a few weeks ago and I knew I had to showcase a few of their amazing dogs up for adoption.  Liberty Humane Society’s mission is to foster a community of compassion and respect, and provide animals in need with a chance at a lifelong, loving home but their long-term goal is to build a community.  Scroll down below for just five of their dogs who need a home, but also take a look at their site to see the full list of all their dogs (and cats!).

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Antique brass hound and pitbull terrier mix (young male)

This baby is extremely gentle and great with kids and submissive dogs!  He’s about one year old and has this to say about himself :)

Woof! Hi there! My name is Antique Brass, and I am a one year old hound / pittie mix. I’m a sweet, well-mannered, loving boy … who occasionally makes some very silly faces. (Check out my photos! Hehe!) :-)

I recently arrived at the shelter as a stray doggie with my brother Almond (he is available for adoption, too!). It’s clear that I’m the leader of our little pack, since I am more confident and outgoing than Almond. I love to meet new people and say hello with a wiggle and a gentle lean into your body. I’m a really good boy!

I easily share my food and special treats when asked. I’m also pretty smart, since I already know how to sit on command. Yay me!  I have a gentle spirit and a kind and tolerant heart. I’m not super playful or energetic or anything, despite being so young. In fact, it looks like I haven’t had much exposure to toys. I chased down the ball when it was tossed, but then I wasn’t really sure what to do with it afterward. Maybe you can teach me! 

I would do great in a home with kids and, of course, adults. I’d also be a wonderful match for a multi-dog household. I am both playful and submissive with other pups. If this sounds like a good fit for your pooch, please bring him or her along when you come to visit me.

Laurel (male, English bulldog and pitbull terrier mix)

This cutie is happy, easy-going and great with older kids and big dogs!  Here’s his letter to you…

Arf! Howdy! My name is Laurel, and I am a seven year old bulldog / pittie mix. I’m a low-rider pup who weighs around 60 lbs. I have a stocky bod, itty-bitty legs, and, let’s be honest, the cutest block head around! I am easygoing, super friendly, and the kind of dog who makes everyone smile … a lot! :-)

I’m not much for going on long walks or playing with toys. I’m a cuddle buddy at heart! I have a moderate energy level, so I guess you could say I’m more of a couch potato doggie than an athlete. I don’t tug much on my leash, I have nice manners, and I know all my basic commands. I must have a big brain inside my blocky head! Hahaha!  Since I have some bulldog mixed in with me, I can be bit of a drooly, snorty fella at times. It’s part of my charm! I love meeting new people and am confident, outgoing, and wiggly with everyone I encounter. Very young children tend to confuse me a bit — they move so quickly! — so I’d do best in a home with slightly older kids, maybe around age 13 and up.

Do you have a big pup at home? I am submissive with other big doggies and would do well with a pup with a similar mild temperament. If this sounds like your pooch, please bring him or her along with you when you come to visit me. I’d love to have a new doggie BFF!

Thanks for reading all about me. I’m an absolute mush of a dog who spreads a little sunshine everywhere I go. If your life needs a big dose of joy and laughter, I’m the pup for you! I hope you will come visit me soon.

Fendi (female, husky and German shepherd dog mix)

How gorgeous is this long-haired female?! A husky and German shepherd mix is such a great combo :) Check back to her PetFinder site for her letter (coming soon).

Mumford (male, pitbull and mastiff mix)

This affectionate gentlemen is great with kids!  Here’s what he has to say to you <3

Woof! Howdy, friends! My name is Mumford, and I am an eight year old pittie / mastiff (maybe Dogue de Bordeaux?) mix. I’m a large, tall boy who weighs around 70 lbs and has strikingly gorgeous russet fur. I hope you won’t be swayed by my larger size. I am a true gentleman with absolutely lovely manners and the sweetest heart around. There’s just a little more of me to love. :-)

I absolutely aced my behavior test. Woo hoo! I easily allow all handling of my adorable bod, and I’ll gladly share my food and special treats when asked. I am a tolerant fella!  I love meeting new people. I’m an easygoing guy with a lower energy level, so I enjoy my walks and my petting sessions. I especially love to be around my friends. They say I have a lot of love to share!

I walk really nicely on my leash, listen well, and am mild and affectionate. I would do well with children who are just a bit older — maybe age 10 and up — since I am a larger chap. My family could be either active or couch potato. I can adapt. As long as there are people to love, I’ll be happy!  I’m not sure if I could live with another doggie. I tend to rush in with other pups, and I can sometimes be a little humpy with them. (Hehe!) I would need a tolerant doggie who could withstand this kind of pushy behavior. If you think your dog might be a good match, please bring him or her along with you when you come to visit me.

Thanks for reading all about me. If you’re looking for a dog who is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside, I”m the guy for you. I can’t wait to meet you!

Turmeric (young female, chocolate lab and pitbull terrier mix)
This sweet, young girl is good with kids and dogs!  I can’t stop smiling when I look at her photos!

Woof! Hi there! My name is Turmeric, and I am an 18 month old chocolate lab / pittie mix. I’m a tall, sleek girl who weighs around 60 lbs. I have gorgeous cocoa fur and, honestly, just the cutest flap ears around. While I can be a little shy or cautious at first, I am actually an affectionate, playful, and loving puppy at heart! :-)

As I mentioned, I can be a little timid when I first meet someone, but I’m always kind and trusting. If you give me just a few minutes to warm up, you’ll see my real personality — wiggly, silly, and lots of fun! If you really want to win my heart, toss me a ball and watch my ridiculous antics as I fetch it for you! I’m an incredibly tolerant lady. Please, go ahead and pet me! I easily share my food, toys, and special treats, and I am comfortable with all handling. I walk better in a harness, but I have puppy energy at times and am working on my leash skills. I don’t jump or anything … I mostly just sort of bounce ahead every now and then. Ha!

Do you have young children at home? Provided we are properly supervised, as all dogs should be, I’d be a great match for kids as young as six years old. I have an absolute heart of gold and am polite and respectful toward children.  Guess what else? I am also dog friendly! I am submissive with other pups and definitely need slow introductions so as not to feel overwhelmed. If you have a confident and patient pooch at home — with a playful streak like me! — then please bring him or her along to the shelter when you come to visit me.

If you’re looking for a real sweetheart of a girl who has already won over — and melted! — the hearts of all my new human friends, please look no further. I’m your girl! I hope to meet you soon!


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