Here’s How To Spring Clean Your Home, According to an Expert

Spring is always my favorite time to purge my home and get organized. I use spring time and the change in temperature to go through everything in my closet, and eventually everything else in my home. We all love an organized home, but sometimes getting started can be the hardest part.  I grew up with my mom making a big deal of spring cleaning. She would always have us go through our closets, desks, and cubbies. While it was kind of annoying to do at a young age, I now live for spring cleaning in my own home. I also love the book “The life-changing magic of tidying up” because it helps me let things go that no longer serve me and leading a simpler life. (and yes I still have some sweats from high school so I am still learning!)

I recently chatted with professional organizer, Jen Robin, founder of Life In Jeneral, to get her easiest tips and tricks to get you started :) Good luck and happy cleaning!

Tell me, are you planning on doing a big organization purge this spring?  Here’s what Jen had to say…

What’s the best place to start when you want to spring clean your home?

We always encourage starting with the most used space to make the biggest impact within your daily life and routine. If that is too daunting of a task, start small with one drawer or one section and work your way through a full space.

Is there an order of rooms that you recommend? 

There isn’t so much an order, but there is a way of connecting rooms. When working in the kitchen, you will also tend to work into the dining room, butler’s pantry, and other spaces that house similar items. This is because you want to create the most fluid and cohesive flow of these spaces. We usually work on the garage last, and that is usually due to it being a large space that tends to be a catch-all area of miscellaneous items, which takes a lot of time to configure in the most efficient manner.

What’s the biggest issue that most people have when it comes to spring organizing?

A lot of the time the mental factor of organizing tends to be the most difficult part. A lot of people see the final product of an organized space, but forget the process of getting there. The process requires going through all items, purging, donating…it requires a lot of work and can be very emotional and challenging. We try to help our clients see it from a different perspective and make it a cleansing process in order to live a more joyful life with things they love.

What’s one thing you tell all your clients that they MUST do?

In order to properly organize, each space will need to be completely pulled out and categorized. This is really the only way of truly seeing everything you own and to create a system when organizing back in.

What’s the one thing that constantly gets overlooked?

It is ironic that the entryway tends to get overlooked since it is the first and last space you walk through. However many homes do not have specific storage or closet options at the foyer to create a sustainable system. Depending on our clients. situation we sometimes install shoe storage, cubbies for kids, and systems for sorting mail to entryways to set up each home for success.

What are a few of your favorite organizational products?

We love anything that has to do with containment but a few of our favorites include:

Divided lazy Susan

OXO 5-piece canister set

Real Simple slimline hangers

Woven storage bins

Shallow drawer organizers

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