6 Ways to (Easily) Help Homeless Pets

Rescuing my dog Maverick has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done (it even inspired me to write my latest book, Maverick and Me!), which is why I love to encourage everyone to give back to animals in some way (even if you can’t adopt!).  Here are a few super easy ways to help homeless animals :)

Foster a dog or cat up for adoption: Even if you aren’t able to adopt a dog or cat, fostering is just as valuable to these animals, as well as the organizations trying to help them!  The animals learn that they’re loved this way, you’re making room at the shelter for other animals in need, and, let’s be honest, it will make you feel warm and fuzzy coming home to kisses and love.

Volunteer: Animal rescue groups and shelters are always in need of capable volunteers. You can sign up for a one-day commitment like an adoption event, or even help with grooming, walking, training and even socialization. The best part is that the level of commitment is really up to you and most organizations are grateful for the help, even if it’s just for one day a year.  Here are a few shelters in LA that are great!

Donate supples: Most shelters are always in need of old sheets, blankets, dog/cat food, and even office and cleaning supplies.  If you happen to buy some dog food that your dog isn’t into, why not donate it?  I always suggest checking the website of your local shelter to find out exactly what they want, and some even have Amazon wish lists so that you can order and have the items shipped directly- it doesn’t get much easier than that!  Here’s a great wish list from The Animal Humane Society :)

Share on social media: As an ASPCA Ambassador, I constantly tweet about ways to help. You may not realize it but sharing adoptable dogs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram might just get one of these little angels adopted! You never know what might resonate with someone who follows you, and it’s such an easy and quick way to make an impact. Share away!

Volunteer your unique skills: Are you a photographer? Maybe you’re a great videographer?  Maybe you’re skilled in marketing, social media or event planning? Shelters often run on a slim staff, so if you have a valuable skill that could help “sell” these animals, why not volunteer it for an hour or two?  One of the reasons black cats and dogs, in particular, tend to get adopted less often is because they simply don’t photograph as well. When someone with a good eye steps in and takes a beautiful photo, it just might catch someone’s eye and get that animal adopted! <3

Donate money: This is one of the most effective and quick ways to help; money is always needed to buy food and supplies for the animals and, as a bonus, most donations will be tax deductible!

Tell me, what other ways do you guys think would help? I’d love to hear YOUR ideas!

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