9 Budget-Friendly Accessories to Glam Up Your Home Office

My office is absolutely one of my favorite rooms in my house; it’s become the place where I love writing my books and taking conference calls and I had so much fun decorating the space with the help of my sister.  The best part about office decor is that it really doesn’t have to be super expensive!  The below items are all super affordable and will make a BIG pop in any office.

What do you guys think? Do you have any amazing office decor steals?

1. The Little Market white boxes ($10-$68 depending on size)

2. Gold turtle paperclip holder ($15)

3. Mini instaX photo frame ($16)

4. Decorative hour glass ($20)

5. Snuggly sweater candle ($10)

6. Gold desktop storage drawers ($25)

7. Acrylic stapler ($18)

8. Ban.do pens ($14)

9. Acrylic tape dispenser ($18)