13 Ways to Celebrate Your Mom This Mother’s Day

I, for one, could not have asked for a better mom; she loves and supports me in everything that I do. She’s always there for me and my siblings, and is one of the funniest and most amazing humans ever, which is why we’re basically inseparable. So, in order to honor our mama and yours, here are some ideas you can work off of for Mother’s Day!

1-) Bake her favorite cookies: My mom and I made these Keto-approved chocolate chip cookies from Sweet Laurel Bakery and it was so much fun (p.s. they’re delicious).

2-) Take a new class with her: Try a cooking class or a “paint and sip” class!

3-) Make her breakfast in bed: Everyone loves some eggs and pancakes in bed, right?!

4-) Surprise her with a Mother’s Day manicure: Book an appointment for you and mom at your favorite nail salon.

5-) Write her a letter or poem: I love the idea of writing your mom a really honest letter or, if you’re good at it, try writing her a loving poem.

6-) Plant some flowers together: If mom has a garden or even some untouched outdoor space, buy some flowers or seeds a few days before and have them ready to be planted on Sunday.

7-) Do all the laundry in the hamper: With out her asking or knowing, just do all the laundry and leave it neatly folded on everyone’s bed with a cute note.

8-) Head to your local farmer’s market: Take her to the farmer’s market for some local treats!

9-) Check out local garage sales and flea markets: If your mom loves antiquing or a flea market find, this is a great activity idea.

10-) Book a family photo shoot: Hire a local photographer or use a service like Flytogropher to plan a really fun family shoot!  You can tell everyone to wear one color or just their Sunday best.

11-) Plan a picnic: If the weather is nice, a relaxing park picnic is always a great idea.

12-) Let her watch her favorite movie while you clean: Download mom’s favorite movie and tell her not to get up for the next two hours while you clean the typical rooms that get the messiest (bathroom, kitchen, etc.)

13-) Volunteer for her favorite cause: This one should be booked in advance, just a heads up, because a lot of charity organizations require a little training beforehand.  That said, find a group that supports a cause your mom loves (rescue animals, kids, the elderly, etc.) and book some time to volunteer together.


Comment below and let me know what you’ll be doing this Sunday to celebrate your mama!