Watch the latest video ‘#AskKat for the Secrets to Her Style’

instyle presents #askkat

#AskKat is InStyle‘s new weekly video series with the blossoming lifestyle maven, Katherine Schwarznegger.

In this new adventure with InStyle, Schwarzenegger’s aim is to help you solve your most pressing problems in the areas of fashion, beauty, wellness, and more. (And if she doesn’t have the answer, she has access to experts who do.) “I’m so excited to do these videos and answer your questions so I can continue my learning about beauty products, about food, about hair—everything under the lifestyle umbrella,” she says in the intro video above.

instyle presents #askkat

Join the conversation now by submitting a question on Twitter to@KSchwarzenegger and @InStyle using the hashtag #AskKat, or by visiting InStyle‘s Facebook page. And, be sure to watch the video above to learn more things the Internet could never uncover about the blue-eyed beauty—like her admittedly insane addiction to rainbow sprinkles, for starters!

Plus, bookmark to see her latest videos, which will debut every week.