Here’s How to Help Animals Survive Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has been horrible to watch. My heart just breaks for everyone who is suffering from the floods, but I wanted to also take a minute to talk about a few ways you can help our silent Harvey victims: all of the stranded and abandoned animals.  The ASPCA is on the ground with water rescue teams ready to assist displaced animals affected by Harvey, and you can help fund their life-saving work by clicking here and donating.  That said, here are ALL the ways you can help…


If you’re in the area (and safe), offer to foster as many cats and dogs as you can. It won’t be forever (unless you end up falling in love with your foster like I did!), but just know that giving an animal shelter for even a few days will save its life.  A few rescue groups have even been flying the animals to different locations! St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center brought more than 100 Harvey-stranded dogs to New Jersey and will be giving them shelter until further notice. How wonderful is that?!

Austin Pets Alive is seeking families that can foster cats and large dogs. In addition to cash donations, the organization can also use in-kind donations like large plastic or metal bins with lids. Space for some items is limited so check with the organization first before you gather supplies.


Again, if you’re nearby (or have the time/resources to fly to Texas to volunteer), you can sign up to volunteer with The Animal Rescue Team and be on the front lines for animals.  Volunteers (especially if you have a boat or large truck) are desperately needed right now.


Many shelters in Texas are taking on the burden of lost, injured and evacuated animals during this emergency. You can help them make sure everyone is safe and cared for by donating the items included on their wish lists.

The SPCA of Texas has also put out a call for foster homes to help care for the animals already in shelters and those coming from the Gulf Coast. The organization along with local groups like the Houston Humane Society are also accepting financial donations and in-kind donations, including cat litter, litter boxes, towels, blankets, large wire crates, toys, treats, pet beds, newspaper and gas gift cards.


The below organizations have been fighting the good fight (as you can see from the above!), so they would all be a great place to donate money, if that’s something you can do. If not, even spreading the word via social media would be amazing- everything helps!


Texas image via @SanAntonioWoman