5 Fat Burning Moves to Add to Your Summer Workout!

Summer is almost here (just a few more weeks until the official start!), so I asked the amazing personal trainer Chase Weber to put together five easy moves that will burn fat like crazy for us.  You may remember his travel-friendly workout routine from last year (which I love and still do), and if you liked that routine you will love this one :)

Jump rope

Jumping rope is one of the best ways burn fat– period! 15 minutes of jumping rope will burn more calories than an hour-long HIIT class! This is a definite must-do if you’re short on time.

Squat jumps

Squat jumps are great for in between sets when doing a leg day; they also help tone calfs, glutes and thighs! Do sets of 15 in between you leg movements.

Battle ropes

Not only is this a great fat-burning exercise, but it also works on strength and endurance! What make this so dynamic is that there are a multitude of movements you can use while working out with the ropes! Try to do sets of 20-30 seconds on these! (It’s harder than it looks!)

Lateral ski jumps

Another plyometric movement to add to your workout! Jump as high and as far as you can, landing on the opposite foot continuously! Do 5 set of 40 seconds of these at the end of your workout…then watch and feel the burn!

Bear crawls

Bear crawls help with mobility, stability, coordination, and strength! It’s a total body movement that attacks the core and really gets the heart rate up! Do 5 sets of 30 steps!

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