True Beauty: Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches

Ever since Dove came out with their campaign for Real Beauty a few years ago I have been fascinated with everything related to body image. When I was interning for Dove during my undergrad, I became acutely aware of body image and the impact it has on women and their confidence. I found it really interesting how much pressure the media puts on women to look and be a certain way and was so frustrated by it all that I decided to do a ton of research on the topic which led to me writing my first book, Rock What You Got.

My book addresses the issues women face daily and draws attention to the issue of body image and the role we all play in it. Most recently Dove released an incredible new campaign, Real Beauty Sketches, and after watching it, I knew I just had to share it with you guys.

True Beauty: Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches |

Check it out below…

We are our biggest critics. And when society holds certain standards of beauty, the pressure for women to compare themselves to these standards increases dramatically. It happens to women of all ages. As the video shows, no matter what your age, women tend to highlight all of the things they don’t like about themselves.

True Beauty: Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches |

Regardless of age, little flaws, hair and eye colors, skin tone, face structure, etc. it is so important to spread the message of real beauty and remind yourself that YOU ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU THINK.




Photo Source: Dove Real Beauty Sketches

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