My Top 5 Tips for Getting Out of a Funk


We’ve all had those days where you feel like you’re having the WORST day ever and nothing is going right, trust me.  What I’ve found from my own experience is that there are some simple, yet super effective, things you can do to get out of that mind set stat. Here are a few of my best tips:

1- Exercise: It’s absolutely true that exercise produces “happy” endorphins in your body so there are many times that I’ll even go for a long walk when I’m feeling a little bit down. Sometimes even just getting outside and breathing in some fresh air really helps!

2- Treat yourself to something you love: I’m not saying eat an entire cake by yourself or spend hundreds of dollars on something extravagant here, but maybe you’ve been eyeing a new pair of workout sneakers for a few months, or maybe try a new milkshake flavor at your favorite ice cream spot. Do something that will put a smile on your face (with out breaking your bank account, of course) :)

3- Make a to-do list: I often find that when I’m feeling really overwhelmed the act of just writing everything down REALLY helps.  Write down everything that you have to do (even the small things like “buy more paper towels) and I promise you will feel instantly more together.

4- Volunteer or do an act of service: Helping others is a great way to give back and contribute to those in need, but it’s also an instantaneous mood booster, I swear!  Even if you can’t volunteer every week there are plenty of organizations that have one-off special days (sometimes monthly) where you can volunteer your services, whatever those may be.  Love animals? Volunteer at a no-kill shelter. You can walk dogs, help socialize feral cats, etc.

5- Write down 3 things that you are grateful for: Much like making a to-do list, the act of writing something down on paper has some amazing advantages.  Think of three things (really anything) that you are grateful for and write them down every day for a few days. It can be something silly like “I’m grateful for Postmates delivery” or something more meaningful like “I’m grateful for my ability to drink clean water every day”- totally up to you, just write it all down.



  1. Israe T Sifuentes says:

    Thanks for incredible words of encouragement.

  2. David E J Malley says:

    All 5 are great, I picture refrigerator magnets ideal place to remember these

  3. Great ideas, Katherine. YES. They do work…