My Top 5 Tips For Game Day Prep

Football season is so much fun and I love nothing more than throwing a game-themed party! When Febreze and Charmin approached me to work with them on my best tips for game day prep, I knew it was a perfect fit since those two products are ALWAYS on the top of my shopping list when it comes to my apartment. Here are my five best tips for the ultimate game day party:

Keep it Simple and Chic

You can turn your living room into the ultimate ode to the field with custom koozies and decorations. One of my favorite décor items? Astroturf. It’s affordable, easy to use and adds instant Instagram worthy WOW to your party space.  Order the faux grass in bulk to create football-themed coasters. You can even use it as a runner on your snack table to bring the space together! This repetition will help unify your space while keep it neutral for opposing fans.

Get Your Guest Bathroom Game Day Ready

You remembered the decor, the snacks and the fan gear. Everything looks perfect, but you may be forgetting the most important room of all…your bathroom! No joke. It’s the one, statistically proven place America unites on game day for the anticipated Halftime Bathroom Break, but a recent survey shows 62% of people watching the Super Bowl are most likely to forget bathroom supplies when planning their party (Survey fielded January 2017, ORC Intl)! I always like to make sure my bathroom looks nice, smells nice and has a little bit of a personal touch. Some ideas: Put a Febreze small Spaces on top of your toilet tank to continuously defend against any odors, put out chic white guest towels (maybe even game day themed for a fun touch!) and stock up on Charmin Ultra Strong to make sure you have plenty of toilet paper for your guests.

Get Everyone Involved

Super Bowl is more than just a game, it’s one of the most talked about events of the year. Engage all party goers – football buffs or not – with a friendly guessing game about how things will play out on game day. Rather than just guessing who will win the game, total points, etc. mix things up and include fun pop culture questions. What color will Lady Gaga’s dress be? How long will the national anthem performer hold out the last note? Make them fun, witty and for all ages. You can print all of your questions on cute card stock for your guests to fill out as they arrive. Create a prize bag for the person who gets the most right answers!

A Little Something for Everyone

The best part of the big game is the even bigger snacking. Make sure everyone on your guest list has something to munch on by providing lots of different options. Stock up on the classics like salsa and guacamole, but also try something fun and new. For the vegetarians in your group, my mom’s infamous baked brie recipe will do the trick. Or grill up some fresh veggie kabobs. Just make sure you spray your kitchen with New Febreze Air with OdorClear Technology when you’re done cooking. It will clean the air of lingering cooking odors before your home starts to smell like a tailgate!

Best Seats in the House

You don’t have to be a sports fan to embrace the big game, which means your party may be jam packed with friends and family. Unfortunately for them, the trendy couch in your living room isn’t big enough for everyone. Keep them cozy with big, colorful throw blankets and large pillows on the floor donning football imagery or team colors – there are super affordable options online and you can even do good by donating them to a shelter after game day.

What are some of your best game day party tips?

Thank you to Febreze and Charmin for sponsoring this post.

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