Straight From An Expert: Here’s How to Keep Your Hair Color Fresh for Summer

When it comes to hair, summer is the season you have to be the most careful; the sun, the salt water and chlorine all have damaging effects on your locks, which is why I asked Dawn Tracey, hair colorist at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills, to give us her best summer hair color tips and tricks :)

What are your best tips for taking care of your hair color during the summer?

I rely on/always recommend oils (like coconut oil) to moisturize hair and protect it from salt and chlorine, as coconut oil hardens when it’s below 75 degrees and forms a barrier for the hair.  After you get out of the ocean or pool, I recommend doing a quick hair rinse with fresh water, and then apply a deep conditioner or mask and let it dry into your hair.  And, personally, I always wear a hat while at the beach or pool (primarily to protect my skin), but it double duties as a UV hair shield.

What are some of your favorite hair products to protect your hair from the sun and chlorine?

Anyone who worries about their hair lightening up, fading, or getting dried out would benefit from a UV protectant. Phyto makes a great UV protection spray oil that also moisturizers and hydrates the hair. Clarins also makes a great SPF 30 spray for hair and body, which is a great multi-tasker…less to carry in your bag!  Orlando Pita also makes a great product called Hair Purifier.  It’s a vinegar cleansing mask that is a great moisturizing clarifier after a day or even a few weeks of swimming.

I’ve also purchased leave-in hair conditioners that don’t make it into the hustle of my daily routine, but I’ll re-apply them liberally at the beach.

What should you do at the beach/pool to protect your hair from start to finish?

I worry most about the harsh effects chlorine has on color/ highlights and the integrity of the hair.

  • Always wet your hair with fresh water before going into a chlorinated pool, in order to essentially dilute the amount of chorine that would be absorbed by your dry hair.  You can also go the extra mile and add coconut oil to the top of your wet hair for an even more intense barrier.
  • A moisturizing shampoo is a must immediately after chlorinated activities, and then you should apply a deep conditioning mask OR make your own by using olive or grape seed oil!

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