4 (Super Easy) Summer Hair Care Tips You NEED to Follow!

Summer is such a fun season but the summer sun can wreak major havoc on your hair, and that’s no bueno.  I reached out to Frédéric Fekkai Palm Beach Creative Director, Philippe Barr, to give us four quick and super easy tips to prevent summer hair damage.  Tell me, what are some of your go-to summer hair care tips and tricks?! Tell me in the comments below :)

  1. “Wear a soft hat during the summer to protect your hair from the sun’s damaging rays, especially if you’re spending long hours outside.”  I love this floppy straw pom pom hat, or even a chic baseball cap!  (You can also use a pre-treatment with UV protection before the beach and Fekkai makes one that I love- the Pre-Soleil Hair Mist!)
  2. “It’s very important to rinse hair out well after being in the ocean or pool!  This is often a forgotten step!”
  3. “After a beach vacation visit your salon professional for a moisturizing treatment, which helps to restore color and shine that may have been depleted from the sun.”  Barr recommends the Fekkai Color Radiance Treatment, available at Frederic Fekkai salons, but you can also try an at-home conditioning treatment like Alterna Caviar Oil Creme Deep Conditioner, or this drugstore classic from Neutrogena!
  4. “It’s a challenge but try switching your pillow case to 100% silk (not satin), as woven materials are not good for your hair.” I love Slip’s version and it comes in a ton of colors!


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