How To Stay Calm and Focused After Graduation


First of all, I want to tell you that it is completely normal to have a minor freak out after you graduate college. We all went through it and it’s 100% ok to feel a little lost, confused and maybe even overwhelmed, but over the years I’ve followed just a few tips that are guaranteed to always get me back to my zen-place and the best part is that they STILL work, even years after you graduate.

What are some of your best tips to stay calm and focused?

1.   Stay in your lane: Comparing yourself to others will get you nowhere FAST.  You are the only you in the entire world and you are more than enough.

2.  Always be grateful and take the time to make it known: They say that simply having gratitude and appreciating everything in life can make you happier. According to this article, being grateful improves your mood because it reduces the stress hormone cortisol by 23%.  I recommend investing an a daily gratitude journal or you can even make your own by simply writing down 2-3 things that you’re grateful for every single day.

3. Take care of yourself: Your physical health and mental well-being should ALWAYS be your number one.  Make sure you actually go to your yearly physicals and what not, and if you are sick or feeling under the weather, go to your doctor- don’t just ignore it.  If you don’t make yourself number one no one else will either.

4. Disconnect, literally:  If you have a moment where you feel overwhelmed my best tip is to simply disconnect.  Put away your laptop and cell phone and do something you enjoy that involves no one else but you.  You could watch your favorite old school movie (hello, Mean Girls) or you could go for a walk around your neighborhood.

5. Push yourself to go outside your comfort zone: It may seem silly that pushing yourself is a tip to stay calm and focused but, trust me, pushing yourself will ultimately center you more than anything else ever will.  Trying something new will help you learn new things about yourself that you will most likely be really happy about.

6. Trust your gut: When something feels bad or wrong, don’t do it and don’t feel badly about that decision.  You have to learn to trust yourself and the older you get the louder that “gut” gets…trust me.

7. Give back: Donating your time, money or items like old clothing, coats, etc. is a great way to not only express gratitude for the things in your life and give them a new purpose, but it’s also a great way to center yourself and make you realize that your life is, in fact, wonderful.

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  1. Ana Luísa says:

    I love this! I graduated three years ago and the pressure can sometimes be too overwhelming. Thanks for the tips :)