5 Smoothie Bowl Recipes To Kickstart Your Morning

When it comes to breakfast, I’m a big fan of the smoothie bowl. They’re not only pretty to look at, but you can DIY them however you like; personally, I really enjoy doing a fun mix of fruit and greens but you can really make them however you like. These five recipes are in my current breakfast rotation :)

What are some of your favorite smoothie bowl recipes?

Mango banana smoothie with crunchy quinoa granola (via TheChalkBoardMag.com)

Super green smoothie bowl (via TheMinimalistBaker.com)

Coconut banana oats bowl with crunchy back quinoa cereal and mango (via HalfBakedHarvest.com)

Vanilla raspberry smoothie bowl (via MyDarlingVegan.com)

Pretty in pink smoothie bowl (via KaleandChocolate.com)

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  1. rakesh arya says:

    “Coconut banana oats bowl with crunchy back quinoa cereal and mango”…..seems to be interesting , never tried …but love to taste

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