Real Women Doing Real Things: Kimberly Walker, Founder of Wine Wipes (+ a Giveaway!)

If you’re a fan of red wine like me, then you NEED Wine Wipes in your life!  And when I found out a little backstory on the brand’s founder, Kimberly Walker, I knew she would be a perfect fit for our #RWDRT series!  Here’s what the serial-entrepreneur has to say about her inspiration, what drives her and so much more…

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Tell us the story behind your inspiration for Wine Wipes. 

I started drinking red wine shortly after moving to San Luis Obispo and noticed that my teeth turned purple with every sip.  I loved the wine, but couldn’t stand what it did to my teeth and noticed I wasn’t the only one with the problem.  I couldn’t find a solution so I came up with my own.

What’s one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you first started your company? 

Ask for help when needed.  I spent a lot of energy trying to figure everything out on my own, because I was afraid of people not taking me seriously.  While I think its important to have an opinion and forage your own path, there are also strategic shortcuts that can be taken if you find a good mentor and listen.   Surround yourself with mentors and absorb.

Walk us through a typical day.

I wake up by 5am, meditate, check my inbox, and send off the round of emails for the day.  Then workout for at least an hour, make breakfast, and get ready for work.  Depending on the day, I’ll either walk to my office, Granada Hotel & Bistro, or The Station;  All are within a quarter mile from my house.  I always get the hardest calls and emails out of the way first thing in the morning, so I don’t have to think about them throughout the day.  Workdays are typically a combo of on and off site meetings, scheduled calls and computer time.  I usually have lunch alone, then continue working until about 6pm. Dinner is usually light unless its a coupled with a meeting. I spend the remainder of the evening working from my home office and reading a good book.  I try to be asleep by 9:30pm. I love keeping a routine…weekends are for adventure and wine with friends.

What other female entrepreneurs inspire you and why?

I live in a town where women are often at the head of the table, so I don’t have to look far to find inspiring women.  My mother/entrepreneur friends are incredibly inspiring.  I always think of them when I feel like I’ve taken on too much.  I have it easy, comparatively.

Tell us a little about the other products within your company and what inspired them.

Pearly Wipes keep your mouth clean after coffee, tea, and travel. All of our products are inspired by the end user- an on-the-go female who wants to maintain her beauty without much fuss.  We’re launching two new products this fall.

What’s next for your company? 

It’s an exciting year for us.  Now that we’re almost finished with our updated branding, we’re hitting the festival circuit with a robust sampling program and continuing to focus on our target market- women on-the-go.

Because I love these, I’m giving away 5 of the Wine Wipes Compacts!

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