Real Women Doing Real Things: Sarah Potempa, Inventor of The Beachwaver

You’ve probably used (or at least heard of the infamous Beachwaver curling iron at this point), and I was so excited to sit down and chat with this genius tool’s creator, Sarah Potempa!  Sarah got her start as a celebrity hair stylist and the Beachwaver was literally a result of Sarah describing how to get those perfect beachy waves.  Here’s what the beauty innovator has to say about her career…

Tell us about the first “aha” moment of your career.

My “aha” moment came when I was on the phone with a beauty editor describing how to get gorgeous, red carpet worthy waves at home. I explained to the editor, as I had done many times on TV segments, how-to videos, and beauty articles, how you had to hold the curling iron upside down and wrap the hair backwards. She said it was too confusing to write “upside down and backwards” and sounded difficult to do on your own hair. So when we hung up, I sat down and drew out the idea to have an iron that could be held upright, allowing you to curl both sides of your hair seamlessly with the push of a button.  I saw a need for a curling iron that all women could use on themselves; one that would give incredible results without a hairdresser.

The Beachwaver is a rotating curling iron that you hold upright. It rotates in both directions and you control it with the touch of a button! All you have to do is clamp the hair, tap the arrow away from the face, hold the barrel for 3-4 seconds and release straight down for a perfect wave. It also has 350 custom parts and three computer boards, which control features like the digital temperature setting, dual rotation, and heat up and rotation speed allowing for more customized use.

Tell us about everything you have going on (product lines, working with talent, etc.)

I have the Beachwaver Co. tool line, styling my celebrity clients, being an on camera expert, articles for beauty publication and being a mom of two kids!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur thus far?

The biggest lesson learned was to leap and the net will appear. Also to remember that your future self will thank you if you put in the time and dedication now.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is my creativity and work on the red carpet. I also feel very good when I have a woman say how the Beachwaver has changed her life and she can finally curl her hair!

One of my favorite stories came from a kindergarten teacher named Christina who reached out to our company with her story. She was born with one arm and always had trouble using hair tools until she discovered the Beachwaver. Now she can curl her hair in 15 minutes and it has changed her life! Here is the video of her story.

What’s been the hardest part of your job?

The hardest part of my job is that I’m traveling on more than 100 flights a year and every day is different.

What advice do you have for young female entrepreneurs?

Find something you’re passionate about and focus your energy on that. Dream big because anything is possible if you can visualize it it!

What’s next for you?

Developing more innovative tools and creating more campaigns that are focused on female empowerment. I want to continue to share my story and inspire people to follow their dreams!

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