Real Women Doing Real Things: Celebrity Manicurist Jenna Hipp

If you’re like me and love checking out the manis of some of Hollywood’s biggest celebs then, chances are, you’re probably looking at some of Jenna Hipp’s work!  With clients like Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Gardner, Emma Roberts and Christina Applegate (just to name a few), she’s pretty much ruling all things nails. I chatted with the multi-business owner about all things entrepreneur (and, trust me, she is a big one)…

Tell us about the first “aha” moment of your career.

Honestly, I feel like my entire career — my entire life, actually — has been an “aha” moment. Is that crazy to say?  I’m someone who sees opportunity in almost any and every situation. I believe there is something incredible to be taken from every problem, every success. Every day offers new and great ideas; my issue is sifting through which ones to focus on.

Tell us about everything you have going on (product lines, working with talent, etc.)

There are so many great things! Being the founder + creative director of two brands — Jenna Hipp and Nailing Hollywood — is a constant rush. I love the strategy…figuring out new and original ways of doing the same thing. I love working with other motivated and talented women, experts in their field, who are game changers in their own right. For the Jenna Hipp brand, I am focused heavily right now on solution-driven product development, sourcing effective ingredients and originating new, clean formulas to offer through my partnership with the Beauty’s Most Wanted program in Costco.

Nailing Hollywood Management Inc, powerhouse agency for top-tier celebrity artists, has just launched a hand model/parts division, which is extremely exciting for us. Additionally, for the ease and convenience of our clients, “NH Creative” is now an active leg of Nailing Hollywood, offering full production services and pro content creation. (Check out OPI’s new color iphone app to see our work in action).

On top of all this, I’m still going on set, maintaining my regular celebrity clientele. I am very loyal to my clients and we have created beautiful relationships over the years.

Everyone asks me, “How do you do it all!?” My answer is always this: hire people you respect with skills you can learn from. Then, give them the space and environment to create their best work.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur thus far?

Learn from other people’s mistakes and avoid making the same. On the flip side, focus on characteristics you admire and emulate them.  For me, that’s my business partner, Vanessa Gualy. She has taught me more in life than anyone else and there’s no one I’d rather be compared to. Her wisdom and compassion is like nothing I’ve ever seen and working along side her has been a miracle. Vanessa has been with me every step of the way since day one (that was over eight years ago!) and we’re still stuck like glue. When you find someone like that, hold on forever and never let go. For true greatness, it’s impossible to do everything on your own. Plus, why would you want to? It’s so much better when you can celebrate together!

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Taking this ride and journey alongside the most beautiful, incredible women and people you can imagine. I have known these unbelievably talented individuals for years and years and to grow alongside them is a joy in my life every single day.  Additionally, working with artists and other experts is a continuous passion that fuels me. Photographers, producers, makeup artists, stylists and crew not to mention everyone else behind the scenes. This is my world, these are my people. They work so hard and I love them so much.

What’s been the hardest part of your job?

Seeing someone miss an incredible opportunity because they are too afraid or unprepared to just go for it.  Also, to be completely honest, I am still learning balance every day between work and home life with a husband and two small boys who are three and one. It’s not always easy, especially because I want each of them to feel like they are number one (because they are!).

What advice do you have for young female entrepreneurs?

Now is the most incredible time to be a woman, not to mention a woman entrepreneur! We have everything we need to excel and rise above. There are no excuses, we are responsible to collect, learn how to use, and sharpen our own set of tools which allow us to do anything and everything imaginable. Don’t lose sight of your vision. Think it, believe it every day and it will be your reality. Truly, there are no limits to what we’re capable of. Most importantly, DON’T BE AFRAID! Failure is not an option unless you believe it to be.

What’s next for you?

I only see massive opportunity ahead in every direction, and I’m just trying to keep up! My husband is a photographer and we recently started shooting together. He has been so supportive, teaching me and showing me all the ropes. Because of this, taking photos has become a new love in my life. So we are excited about that too. It’s like I have a whole new way to communicate. But like I said, every day is a new day of opportunity, so who really knows what’s next?! Stay tuned and join the ride with me on my Instagram account (@jennahipp).

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