Real Women Doing Real Things: Kristen Turner of The Good Girl Almighty

As Gandhi once said, “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” I recently chatted with Kristen Turner, lifestyle blogger and founder of a super genius new way to find local ways to volunteer in Los Angeles, The Good Girl Almighty. What I really love about GGA is that Kristen makes volunteering your time incredibly easy; she essentially works with all different organizations over LA to get info from them on how/when people can volunteer, and then she compiles that information into a weekly newsletter that you can sign up for! This way, it’s easy for people to find out what volunteer opportunities work within their schedule :) Check out my interview with her below, where she talks a little bit about why she started GGA and what inspires her.

Tell us a little about GGA and its mission.

 The Good Girl Almighty is social club that connects women with charitable organization looking for volunteers in the Los Angeles area.

What inspired you to create GGA?
During a period of so much divisiveness, The Good Girl Almighty was created as I felt the need to reestablish a sisterhood with the purpose of making a difference in the community through volunteering.
What’s your ultimate goal for GGA?
I’d love to see the simple “Do Good” message of The Good Girl Almighty spread to women around the world.
What’s one thing you learned from the process of creating this organization that you didn’t know beforehand?
Actually my day job as a lifestyle blogger has really helped me with process of creating this organization. We have a very grassroots approach so I’m seeing a lot of crossover with our use of social media and having other influencers to help spread the word.
What inspires you every day?
Other women inspire me! As founder of the GGA I’ve met so many smart, creative and determined women who have started organizations that make a difference in their community. I’m inspired by them! I job is to simply be a megaphone and spread the word about the amazing work they’re already out there doing!
What’s been the best feedback you’ve received so far in relation to GGA?
The best feedback we’ve received is how easy The Good Girl Almighty makes it for ladies to get involved in their community. The concept is simple: you sign up to be a member, we send you a weekly list with volunteer opportunities and introductions to organization in the area and then you decided when and how to donate your time. There’s something for everyone on the list like working with the homeless, feeding the hungry and even opportunities with animals and kids.
For more information on The Good Girl Almighty, visit their website here and follow them on Instagram.

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