#AskKat: How Do I Balance a Relationship With My Career

This week’s #AskKat question comes from Shahrad Fredotti, and it’s a good one.  Check out my advice below on how to balance having a relationship with career, which is not always easy!

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Hi Kat,

My BIGGEST challenge is with my relationships, I have solely focused on my career for the past six or seven years, and I am in a position now that I feel that I am ready to enter a loving and caring relationship! Even though the world of dating has changed a lot but I still do believe that there are great individuals out there, however; my concern is how to balance this future relationship with my work schedule? Especially that I travel sometimes! How do you manage this? Is there a secret that I am aware of? haha!

Thank you so much, I would be delighted to read your response!


Hi Shahrad,

That’s a fantastic question, and a question that I know a lot of women wonder about!  We tend to drop everything for our jobs or careers, but when the going gets tough your job won’t be there to hold your hand; friends will, and hopefully so will your significant other…so make sure your relationship and friendships are always up there as a priority.  I could write an entire essay on this topic, but the more I think on it the more I realize that finding a successful balance between the two worlds ALWAYS comes down to two things, and here they are:

1-) Prioritize, always. This is actually a good general life skill as well, but when it comes to your career and having a relationship, you have to decide what’s most important and, hint, it’s not always going to be something work-related and it’s not always going to be something related to your relationship. It’s all about having/finding a good balance so that you don’t feel like you’re constantly sacrificing.

2-) Communication is key. Another good general life lesson!  But in terms of balancing both worlds, you have to be able to communicate to both work and your significant other when something comes up and/or is a big priority. For example, let’s say your boyfriend wants to go skiing and wants to leave Friday at 1pm. It’s easy for him to leave work early but you have a packed day. Explain that to him, and with as much advance as possible, so that he doesn’t feel like you don’t care or “forgot” about his exciting trip.  You’d be surprised at how responsive and understanding people can be when given advanced notice!

By the way, I actually wrote a book called I Just Graduated…Now What? (#shameless plug, lol), if you want even more advice and tips about post-graduation life and juggling new adult responsibilities.




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    Hello Katherine !
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