One Year Later…

One Year Later | Katherine Schwarzenegger's book project

It has been one year since I graduated from USC and I seriously can’t believe how fast the time has gone! It feels like I was just taking my exams and getting my cap and gown ready to walk across that stage to receive my hard-earned diploma.

College graduation is such a momentous time and I look back on that day as one of my happiest and proudest. I was filled with so many emotions – happiness, excitement, nervousness, fear of the unknown, sadness about leaving friends, and pride about this accomplishment and milestone in my life. It was an overwhelming day but I got to spend it with family and friends that I love, which made it that much more memorable.

One Year Later | Katherine Schwarzenegger's book project

The biggest thing on my mind the day I graduated was “what will I do next?” Not only was that giant question on my mind and every one of my graduating peers’ minds, but it was also on the minds of every single person I’ve run into from that day forward.

I hated when people would ask me “so what’s next” because I honestly had no clue what I was going to do next. It stressed me out and made me feel insecure and clueless for not having my life figured out. But if there’s one thing I have learned since then it’s that everyone was feeling the exact same way I was, and that the “what next” question will follow us the rest of our lives.

One Year Later | Katherine Schwarzenegger's book project

Once I realized this fact and recognized that I had tons of friends who also felt confused about their future, I knew that my next step in life would be to get some answers.

I decided in the fall of last year, to write a book about the “what next” question for college graduates like myself –to interview different well known and successful people from all walks of life about their journeys to where they are today and how they dealt with the “what next” after school. It will be coming out next year around this time so stay tuned for more about this!!

One Year Later | Katherine Schwarzenegger's book projectAnyway, I know this is graduation time for colleges and almost graduation time for high schools, and I know exactly how all of you guys are feeling right now and the mixed emotions you are experiencing. Most high-school students are leaving their family and friends to embark on new journeys at college, and most college grads are closing the chapter of education that they have known for their whole lives and walking into the excitement and fear of the unknown and starting life as a young adult!

With all the excitement and celebrations going on, the most important thing to do on your graduation day is to live in the moment and realize what you are accomplishing!

Congratulations graduates!! You deserve it!




  1. Danial Bigham says:

    Hi Katherine
    How are you?
    yes of course,
    University with all of its problems, but it was enjoyable and not be repeated so that you can continue studying.

  2. You’re a very pretty and sweet little puddy Kat.

    Yeah, you’re smokin’ hawt. :)

  3. katharina Musik says:

    ja, du bist hübsch, zukunft packts erfolgreich wirst.

  4. Very proud of you!!!you are going to have a great life a great future!!

  5. Hello Katherine :)
    A big congratulation on your website and you & your family’s success!!

    On behalf of team celebration would love to share and send heartiest wishes to Maria Owings Shriver – WOMAN of ACTION™!!
    A Celebration of Women™ celebrates Maria
    read more here:
    Warmest regards & best wishes,

  6. You expressed EXACTLY what I have been feeling lately when you said, “I hated when people would ask me “so what’s next” because I honestly had no clue what I was going to do next. It stressed me out and made me feel insecure and clueless for not having my life figured out.” I always thought I would just know what I supposed to do after college, but it’s actually been really, really hard to figure out. So in the meantime I’ve just been traveling and trying to see and experience all I can while I figure out what I want to do career-wise. Your book sounds really awesome, I just wish I could read it now :) Love your blog!

  7. Zoltán Máté says:

    I always knew what i want to do, except i dont have resources for it.

    although i have not graduated and i find the educational system ridiculously piece of shit. I have noticed that university where i was being educated there were theology faculties.. so all the accreditation was lost ony my eyes.

    • Zoltán Máté says:

      how on earth would one be a doctor of theology? i even discussed with a theologist, the ammount of utter nonsence was sheer and unbearable. was not being honest, and so etierh this person was not honest or whatever so meh.

      • Zoltán Máté says:

        I want to have my own country where i am the dictator along with an automatic law enforcement and tracking system, because the other shadow government does a very bad job. i only have no resources for it.

        • Zoltán Máté says:

          the laws will be very simple.
          1) everyone who enters may not leave only through violence instigated by outside forces, or by my permission (or by my successors permission, wich possibly there wont be any who would decide such).
          2) everyone receives free icecream and candyfloss
          3) everyone will receive some sort of job, usually something usefull
          4) noone have can reproduce without my permission, unless a protocol set up temporarily
          5) everyones basic needs will be satisfied. i myself will only guarantee to satisfy the basic needs (if then it is wished), to those who are born under the country or entered as real children (otherwise i can guarantee to satisfy physiological or shelter needs, or of course need for justice according to these laws).
          6) no naimal would be abused for food. maybe for construction initially still would consider the best according to knowledge, but maybe some large animals bloods be consumed initially at least
          7) everyone will have understanding of security and law enforcement automatic systems, but it doesnt mean they have liberal control over these
          8) everyone will receive weapons (a larger on their vehicle, on the door of their living compartment) and a combo less leathal and more leathal as standrd for caring by hand
          9) everyone will receive protection against covertly weapons (biological, chemical, electromagnetic covert, other radiological, according to knowledge, for this reason, the vehcile is made able, plus the living compartment would be underground and with reserves and sealed airtight if needed, etc).
          10) i would elect myself 11 other individual perhaps where i intend myself to be above all, one of them would have the similar task as what i would do but more like just verifying my decisions sometimes taking part.. etc, 10 others working in pairs and shifts, they would do top level decisions making, and i would also think along these lines, but i would verify their work (one or the other, they would not necesserily know which decisions of their i would verify myself). these pairs would work in overlapping shifts so sometimes 2 sometimes 4 individual is present on top level of the hierarchy, (during a time period i assume 20-30 hours) one of the pairs would do the job, while the other would verify this persons mental state and verify decisions, then they switch roles every now end then.. perhaps around 8-20 days for switching roles.then they would also switch shift positions rarely, i think after 3-5 month. 4 shifts are working and quite frequently one pair takes some day off then the 5th is entering.. etc etc.

          then other layer of decisions making would have not much overlap in shifts, and they would work 3-4 shifts depending.

          11) every individual would have some sort of free time (people would work necesserily 5 work hours a day with creative analyzing work, and perhaps they some would work 2-10 hours of reflex sort of work (such as routine verifications of sorts.. less creativity in it, such as maintenance, verification of some machines, looking at what others are doing, maybe learning something from them). noone would be forced to work over 10 hours a day.

          12) Then ther would be some special works such as physical work to an extent im not sure yet what exactly, if the country would be created right now, then this would be working out, and giving blood somewhat frequently, so older people can survive untill major strides are achieved in anti aging research (some britich groups actually have created some sort of artificial blood using stem cells).

          13) above the basics, one can have some ammount of payment received, so this person can build something for His/her own self.. after every 10 days there would be 3 days off and these days off maybe very flexibly arranged perhaps grouped together, but this would be more like concerning art or special luxury entertainment (something above the basic stuff provided for having fun [basic would be video games of sorts accessible through, some runing on communication equipment of individuals [capable of sending compressed video.. obviously every electronics would be reengineered for all uses]). it can be more about creative thigns of other uses, if the person was born in the country in the very well verified breeding system.

          14) then special work would be front line soldiers (closer to war zone such things), these individuals. These receive higher ammount of weapons (according to their occupation of course).. but for defense everynoe has the weapons available.. usually robots directed by individuals).

          They put themselves to danger.. or they say they would do so. thus they receive a lot of freetime otherwise, end extra compensations, above all but the top 12 individuals including myself then (because basicly i would own most of the large hardware.. most of production hardware, most of fighting hardware most of resources.. whatever owned by lower level individuals would be theirs but combined it would be perhaps less then what i own, BECAUSE many things would be done by machines.. but i am not entirely certain, because there would be some construction hardware and weapons and the like as tsated earlier wichwould be owned by each, only they would not be able to use these to harm others, unless they somehow produce something,, but for these they may move to places where they could uese these hardware to construct something wich would be ABLE TO harm others, however as stated most other things would recognise the additional hardware as not part of the tracking system, and would most cases outnumber it if it would do any harm). Everyone also receives some time1 day perhaps for each 20 days when they may verify whoever, but it is encourgaged to verify others first according to some order, where there is a level of random already introduced they would then chose who to verify, and always at least every second choice maybe an active supreme leader (of the 12).

          15) If i would die, the automatic law enforcement system would set the second verifying me to have veto rights over further decisoins of the 10 others, while the 10 others would have approximately equal 5 parts splitting of whatever is was owned by me in this country, but this decison can be negated by the one verifying me.

          16) people may request so that other people may not communicate to them often (there is a lower limit when they must be allowed to communicate, but there is also an upper limit of communication with some other person, wich maybe modified of course upon request.

          17) tourism is free, but a tourist will recive a tagging device tracker, wich would then unless violence is used track the person everywhere (a single coordinate in all cases more in other special cases). this would understandibyl have only the ability to track (as the tourist ca nverify the production of this, even more so can bring raw material for it).

          tourism would be a way to get to know up close how people behave there. also along everythign being free toursits may receive free icecream and/or free candy floss.

          of course understandibly they can only visit tourist zones as long as they are tourists. they can enter the country in toursist zones, where they can witness the manufacture of law enforcement devices (including biometric tools of course, wich may actualyl send a signal to specified coordintate as a distress call of course they come above ground so they may enter underground compartments.. but first they see that all the necessery hardware wich they understand is layed down along the path.

          of course tourism would be not free in a way that everyone must get a chance.. also there is limited carrying capacity of the country thus, if one wanna enter, one would perhaps have to join the army there, because if outsider countries would let the person go out of their old country but would not let land area to be taken from this country along with the person leaving.

          18) an important point is if this country is not on the Arctics of either sort, it would claim an area a graveyard, where unsavable individuals frozen pumped with a solution would ba layed so that the traces of neural fibers can be examined later on and information reconstructed, while the energy expenditure for this method of storage is minimal.

          19) one more important aspect is that people would have no choice but obey, in case a person can be saved by having the persons head at least sewed to the blood stream of this recepient indiviual, in such manners the other person heady may have machines attached to neural fibers wich can be used to enhance life qualities even after so. but soon, bodies without developed brains would be grown, and this person would be transfered to such. ofcourse this only if the recepeint is not in danger at all (wich is made sure that first blood is given to the dying while host bloodstream is temporarily cut off, so then some of this blood maybe returned (EVEN AFTER RIGOROUS BIOCHEMICAL ANALYZIS) to the donor. the lowest quality person would be chosen first never the less receiving compensation in freetime (risks would be minimized).