A New Skincare Line For Millennials, Designed By Millennials!

When I first heard about the new brand Nia (Nia stands for “Not Into Aging”), I got immediately excited; the idea of using a skincare brand for millennials, designed by millennials, is pretty genius and I was pumped to get a sneak peek at some of the new products!

The line will be launching at ULTA and ULTA.com so, for starters, it’s easy to actually buy, and second, each product focuses on a skin issue that directly affects people my age…the perfect example? Tech neck! Yes, that’s a real thing. Apparently we’re developing premature fine lines on our necks from constantly looking down at our cell phones (sigh). The skincare line is super thought out and fits perfectly into my lifestyle and I also love the science behind the line. NIA-114 is a patented molecule that fortifies and protects skin against the impact of lifestyle stressors just like tech neck.

The line will have six products but here’s info on two of my absolute faves:

Sunday Detox Whipped Clay Peel-Off Mask: A whipped mask is super fun to apply and it immediately made my face visibly smoother and more radiant after I used it. The mask is designed to “reset” your face for a busy week ahead and is especially good at reducing the appearance of blackheads. #YES

Fully Charged Serum x Moisturizer: I love a good serum and moisturizer combo and, I have to tell you, basically as soon as you put this stuff on your skin will feel super moisturized! As a bonus my skin also looked a lot brighter and smoother :)

Thank you to Nia for sponsoring this post!


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