Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Ok so Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Have you found the perfect gift for your mom?

Today I’m sharing some of my ideas. These are just some little things I found, so feel free to add your own gift ideas in the comments!


Mother's Day Gift Guide

1. Hanging succulent bubbles

2. The perfect Mother’s Day card… or make your own!

3. Fun, spring lip-gloss that’s easy for any woman!

4. DIY flower vases from soda bottles

5. Spa day… with mom! 

6. Handmade Noteworthy notebooks from Martha Stewart

7. Cute, customizable iPhone 5 cases

8. Quotable prints for the home

9. DIY body scrub

10. Night owl coffee mug… or any favorite animal!

11. Super soft “I love you more” pillow

12. Chic, colorful measuring cups

Remember, you don’t always have to buy something to show your mom how much you appreciate her… homemade gifts are super special too!

And if you’re in the mood to bake something sweet, stay tuned because I have the perfect treat recipe for Mother’s Day morning.




  1. My mom just got an iphone, so I love the customizable covers! Great ideas!!! Thanks Katherine

  2. I would love any of these gifts – great idea!

  3. My Mom always wants more root essentials so this year I’m buying her the starter kit, and a nice natural bristle brush for her hair, and salon shampoo and conditioner. She expects these great staples every year!

  4. Beautiful website!!! I love the Mother’s Day gift ideas and the hairstyles! I will be on here all of the time!!

  5. Your suggestions gave me some ideas to give to my wife, for that I thank you.

    Going to make a custom notebook filled with quotes from one of her favorite authors ( JD Robb) and surprise her at work with an owl mug filled with market fresh flowers.

    Maybe a purse organizer filled with pictures of our kids to boot.

    Thank you again and I like your site. Welcome to the internet.

  6. Hi Katherine,

    I love your new site! I am a local mom from Malibu/Santa Monica and my 10 year-old daughter and I developed Trust Journals. They are geared towards building trust & communication between mother & daughter or grandmother & granddaughter at a young age. They are very unique and are spreading quickly. I’d love for you to check them out and help spread the word! They are a fabulous inexpensive gift for Mother’s Day!

    Be Blessed,

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  8. Just found a bunch of wonderful ideas for my daughters’ graduation…thanks so much!