My Workout Playlist for June


As an avid workout fiend, I’m always on the hunt for music that inspires me, motivates me and, most of all, helps me to keep going!  I reached out to Dahvi Shira of the music and lifestyle blog,, to help me create a new playlist for June…which I can’t wait to use, by the way!  Here are Dahvi’s favorite workout songs, all Katherine-approved:

I probably speak for many when I say that anything cardio challenges me most when it comes to working out. Lifting? No problem! Yoga? Bring it on! But running, spinning, hiking – ugh, forget it! That said, to really get my heart racing, I need the proper motivation. And nothing does it quite like a bass-pumping jam blaring through my Beats headphones. I’ve created a playlist of 30 songs (mostly of electronic influence) that not only give me the energy to conquer that hill, but also the ability to take my mind off of the discomfort I am about to face. Hopefully this gives you the same motivation! – Dahvi Shira

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IMAGE via @Fakander


  1. Michelle Walsh says:

    Wow, I definitely agree with Mrs. Shira. She did a great job with the list. This is why I love Katherine because she has the best taste and works with the best people!!! -Xoxo Michelle

  2. Sheryl Cook says:

    Must Be the Feeling and Best Be Believing are so underrated. These songs always pump me up when I’m at the gym! I agree with Michelle, great list. You’re right Katherine it would probably be so much better with Beats.