I Just Graduated…Now What?


The new go-to book of advice for graduates as they embark on their careers and the rest of their lives. 

“I just graduated, now what?” It’s the question looming over every graduate’s final months of college, and the one bestselling author Katherine Schwarzenegger was asking herself just a few years ago. Determined to power through the uncertainty of post-graduation, Katherine embarked on a year-long quest to gather the best guidance possible from more than 30 highly successful people, including:

Anderson Cooper, Eva Longoria, John Legend, Blake Mycoskie, Serena Williams, Jillian Michaels, and many more.

Along the way, Katherine uncovers the essential and often surprising advice they have for graduates about job seeking, family support, financial struggles, moving out on their own, taking risks and following their dreams, even when others tell them to give up or that it couldn’t be done.

In the tradition of Marlo Thomas’s The Right Words at the Right Time and Ellyn Spragins’ What I Know Now, Katherine has written the must-have guide for recent and soon-to-be graduates as they prepare to seek success and fulfillment in their work, relationships, and lives.



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