How To Pack The Perfect Carry On

I am the first to admit that I am a huge over packer. I’m a big believer in being over-prepared for trips rather than being underprepared. Over the last few years I’ve gotten better at fitting everything in a carry-on bag — especially for a quick trip or anytime I travel with my family, since no one wants to wait for luggage.

Last week I traveled to Vienna for quick trip and definitely won the overpacking award, but my carry-on small suitcase was the perfect companion. Heres what you need to keep it light, but also make sure you have a comfy ride:

1. Flight 001 Laundry Bag $22 • 2. BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector $29 • 3. Benefit Travel Mascara $10 • 4. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer $5 • 5. Looking Good Makeup Bag $26 • 6. sara happ Lip Balm $24 • 7. sara happ Lip Exfoliator $24 • 8. Mophie Battery/Storage Case $247 • 9. Tarte BB Tinted Treatment SPF 30 Travel Size $14 • 10. Eddie Bauer Travel Throw $40 • 11. Pepper & Mayne Cashmere Socks $95 • 12. Rosebud Salve $6 • 13. Wet-Nap Antibiacterial Wipes $3 • 14. EO Hand Sanitizer (set of 6) $21 • 15. ModCloth Crosshatch Makeup Bag $30 • 16. Ear Flight Protective Plugs $6 • 17. Melatonin Tablets $6 • 18. Advil Ibuprofen Tablets $16 • 19. Cat Nap Sleep Mask $12

For added organization, you can put together these bags within your carry on:

In your “Essentials” pouch, add the ear plugs, some lip balm, Advil, Melatonin (if you need sleep), antibacterial wipes and sanitizer.

In your “Touch Up” pouch, add the tinted moisturizer, colored lip balm, under-eye concealer, mascara, lip scrub and balm.

Don’t forget your reading material! Pack your favorite magazines and download a fun book — it’s going to be a great flight!

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