How To: Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements

Hi guys- mothers day is fast approaching and the number one gift to get your mom is flowers so I have enlisted the help of the world’s most famous flower genius Eric Buterbaugh! Read his entry below! xo Katherine

How To: Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements | Eric Buterbaugh

*coral Peonies arrangement in glass cylinder vase lined with woven flax leaves.

Mother’s Day is such an amazing time to honor one of the most important people in your life… And “of course” I think that beautiful flower arrangements are the best way to make your mother feel special…

When you’re ordering from a local florist, my suggestion would be to order early and specify happy flowers. What do I mean by this? Well since it’s springtime, so many flowers are amazing this time of year. Peonies, Ranunculus, Roses are always good. For me though… the note that goes with your beautiful arrangements is equally as important! Make it amazing and say something truly from the heart.

How To: Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements | Eric Buterbaugh

*blue jam jars (back vase with fuchsia garden roses/forward vase with fuchsia ranunculus)

If flowers from a local florist are out of your budget, don’t worry! Get your creative spirit in gear and put together some flowers yourself. You could pick them from your garden and arrange them in jam jars (see above photo) or you could go to the local flower market and get some fresh stems. Most grocery stores carry flowers now, but be careful because they sometimes aren’t as fresh. But if you’re buying at a grocery store try to get flowers that are not so open because they’ll last longer!

Happy arranging!

Eric B

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