Hosting My First Baby Shower

As most of you who follow me on social media might know, I recently hosted my first baby shower for one of my closest friends, Julie. She was one of the first of my friends to get married (two years ago, ahhh!) and she is one of the first to have a baby! Just to give you some history, Julie and I became instant friends when we moved into our freshman dorm at USC and quickly bonded over our love for organization, label makers, and being in bed by midnight- we were very cool :)

When one of your best friends is pregnant, it’s one of the most joyful and exciting moments; I became so excited about getting to see the baby bump grow, learn from her pregnancy (cravings and all), see the happiness between her and her hubby Alec, watch her get her baby-glow on, and, of course, get super excited to play with the baby. (I’m also excited because Julie is the most prepared and on-it human I know, so by the time I have a baby, she will be able to teach me everything.)

Because Julie and Alec now live in Michigan, I wanted to make sure to have a baby shower for the LA people that love and adore her. Now even though, I had never hosted a baby shower before in my life, I was super excited to do it and it turned out to be so much fun…and I wanted to document it so any of you throwing a baby shower could have some guidance.

Location: I decided to host the shower at Au Fudge, which is one of my favorite places here in Los Angeles. Not only is it super yummy and kid-friendly, but the whole vibe at this restaurant was perfect for a baby shower– not to mention very Instagram-worthy. Whether you host at a location or your home, you can make most settings perfect for a shower.

Invite: I love pretty invitations and my sister has taught me how to use Paperless Post like a pro, so I used that for this shower. Not only do they have super cute invites, but it’s also a great site to use because it keeps track of everyone’s replies and even lets you know when someone has opened it and not responded, hehe. :)

Decorations: The room we did the lunch in was super cute but definitely needed some TLC before the party got started. My cousin Chessy and I shopped around for a lot of decorations and came a few hours early to set up. You can order a lot of different themed decorations on sites like Etsy or Party City and there are also a lot of great local places like Balloon Celebrations, where we got some decorations. I was going to do separate balloons but the room already had some balloons as light fixtures so we skipped that.

Flowers: I am a total flower addict, so I knew I wanted to have some on display for the centerpieces on the tables. We did two tables of 10 people, so I got four small arrangements (all blue, white and green for the baby boy) from this amazing place called Flowers Wholesale in West Hollywood. These are also super simple to on your own and if you time your party properly, you can get some fresh flowers at the farmers market or downtown at a really good price and then just get some little vases at any market or craft store.

Activity: Since this shower was in a smaller space, I wanted to do something that would be memorable and great for the baby, too. When my mom was given a shower when she was pregnant with me, there was a big pink mailbox where people could write messages for me and put them in the mailbox for me to open at 18 years old. I loved having that mailbox and I was so excited to open the letters when I turned 18 because not only was it amazing to see what people wrote for me but it was also fun because so many of the people at the shower were and are still such a big part of my life. I got a little blue mailbox on Etsy and had it painted baby blue. Since we don’t know for sure what the baby boy’s name will be, I held off on putting the name on it until he arrives. I also got these little wish lists online and printed them out for everyone at the shower to fill out so when the little guy is of age, he can see all the wishes and dreams we had for him before he was even on this earth.

Food: Most baby showers have a brunch or lunch theme and I think that’s perfect for the vibe of a baby shower, wherever you have it. We had avocado toast and scones for appetizers and yummy brunch options for our main meals and, of course, we had to have a beautiful ombré cake in blue.

Gifts: In the invitation I included a registry that Julie had done, which made the whole gift giving process a bit easier. One of the fun traditions at most showers is the process of opening the gifts at the party in front of everyone. I love that part! I wouldn’t normally love watching people open gifts but if they are opening baby gifts I think everyone can agree that seeing little onesies is just amazing.

Party Favors: Its not required to have party favors at a baby shower but I LOVE party favors, so I decided to have special ones for this shower. I worked with Jordan Jones at Packed Party (you may remember her from this Real Women Doing Real Things post!) to create these super cute and fun personalized party favor boxes which were a huge hit. Not only were they filled with great items that the guests could have as a memory from the shower, but they also looked great on display at the seats. I also got the Packed Party signature item, the disco drink cup, and put those out on the table for decoration and, of course, for a chic drink holder.

Overall, this shower was so fun for me to host. I loved every minute of the planning process and I learned a lot about the art of hosting. I have to say, I credit a lot of my planning skills to watching my mother host amazing parties growing up, so even though I still have a lot to learn to get on her level, I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I also clearly had the amazing Azusa Takano there to photograph the shower because not only is Julie a photo-addict herself, but I also wanted to get all the images to make an album so the memories could be shared with the baby in the future. I cant wait to meet this little angel baby and continue celebrating all the amazing things that happen in my life and the lives of my besties!


  1. Claire Trainor says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Hostess Extraordinaire

  2. rakesh arya says:

    Wonderful host…..wonderful hosting….Julie is such a lucky person.
    Moon people are always creative…..& they love baby like anything.
    You look fantastic with beautiful top & big round earring…..

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  5. Karen DeFiore says:

    Love your blog and what a surprise to see my Michigan friends, the Jung girls! I can’t wait to try your cake ups!