Holiday Presents for Maverick



If you follow me on Instagram then you know how much I love my rescue dog Maverick, and when Petco reached out to see if I’d like to partner with them to gift my pup with some of their latest offerings, I was definitely excited to have Mav put them to the ultimate test.



Let’s start with the Harmony Silver Orthopedic Cuddler Dog Bed because, at first thought, I wasn’t sure if Maverick would be into it or not- he’s pretty specific when it comes to his dog beds! What drew me into this version specifically is that it has orthopedic foam and bolster walls to provide security and comfort (something extra important for rescue dogs, in particular). The cushion also provides hip and joint support and can be removed so you can easily wash it. Maverick was sold pretty instantly :)



Next up I put out the Harmony Good Dog Ceramic Dog Treat Jar, which I obviously chose because I think it’s super cute and matches my kitchen décor well. It’s dishwasher-safe, strong and sturdy (i.e. it won’t get knocked over easily), helps keep my dog treats fresh longer and is imprinted with “Good Dog,” which I love.



Harmony Good Dog Ceramic Dog Bowl, 3 Cup: The “Good Dog” print is just so cute that I had to have it in this dog bowl as well! Again, I love this design because it fits well into my kitchen décor and it’s also really sturdy in the case that Maverick gets a little TOO excited and knocks into it, haha. It’s also safe for fresh and raw food diets so you’re covered no matter what you feed your pup. I placed the bowls on the Harmony Bamboo Wooden Placemat to avoid messes and spills on my floor and make the clean-up easy, as it comes with a removable plastic insert.


Harmony Pet Teepee (Maverick has size small) – How cute is this?! To note, this teepee actually won’t be available until December 26th at all Petco stores and at (post-Christmas gift anyone?!), but I wanted to give you a little sneak peek since Mav loves his teepee so much.


What are you gifting your dog for the holidays?

Thank you to PETCO for sponsoring this post

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