6 Healthy Snacks You Can Easily Make Yourself

When it comes to snacks, I personally love cheese and crackers, fruit/celery with almond butter, and nuts…but every once in awhile I like to change things up!  I sat down with Kelly LeVeque, certified holistic nutritionist, wellness expert and health coach, to find out what she eats/recommends you snack on :)  Here’s what Kelly has to say!

I try to maintain a 4-6 hour window between my meals to calm insulin levels. Insulin lasts for 6-8 hours in the blood shutting down fat burning, increasing fat storage and making you “hangry” so I try not to nosh on “airy” carbs like popcorn or chips that will simply shut down my fat burning and make me 10 times as hungry in as early as 90 minutes!
However, if I need a “bridge” snack, because dinner is at 8pm and lunch was at noon, I snack on low glycemic or carb-free options that shut down hunger hormones and contain “the fab four” (protein, fat, fiber and greens) like the following:
1-) (1/4 cup) of homemade nut mix (add a few Brazil nuts for thyroid supporting micronutrients) – On a baking tray, mix all your favorite raw nuts sprits with water and shake on your favorite seasonings and a pinch of pink salt – dry roast in the oven at 350 degrees for 10 min, checking and flipping 1/2 way through.
2-) Raspberries and almond butter – Frozen berries are my favorite with 2 tablespoons of nut butter!
3-) Deviled Eggs (I am addicted!) – You can also eat hard boiled eggs if you prefer!
4-) 1/2 avocado with Jilz Crackers – Right out of the skin….it’s God’s fat dip!
5-) Cucumber slices or veggies: You can eat them with a homemade vinaigrette or avocado hummus (I have a great recipe on my site!)
6-) 3 tbsp Coconut Yogurt and 1 tbsp of almond butter – This is so addictive!  It tastes like a coconut cream pie!
For more info and yummy (and healthy) recipes from Kelly, check out BeWellByKelly.com.


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