Here’s What to Order When You Go Out to Eat, According to an Expert

Eating healthy can be challenging when you love going out to eat as much as I do!  Believe me, I love nothing more than some spaghetti bolognese (did you see my Instagram?).  But, since I try to eat healthy most of the the time, I decided to chat with my friend/nutritionist Kelly LeVeque to get her tips on what’s best to order at a few different types of restaurants. Here are her best tips…


Kelly always recommends a fish dish with veggies! “They usually pan fry fish with olive oil, capers, lemons etc. and it’s delicious, and normally really clean.”  When it comes to apps, Kelly recommends carpaccio and an arugula salad with olive oil- yum.  And when it to your favorite Italian wine, she loves a good red like a sirah or pinot noir.  “The darker wines have more resvreratrol,” explains Kelly.


“Taco salad or chicken fajitas!” tells Kelly.  “They’re great because you eat what you want – building your own is a great option.”  Of course, you’ll probably also want a margarita with your Mexican food, right?  Well, I was pretty shocked to find out that skinny margaritas actually really aren’t very healthy because they usually have agave in them.  “A regular margarita is better,” explains Kelly.  “Just ask for tequila, soda, and a splash of lime juice.  You can also bring stevia (2 drops) if you need it a little sweeter.”


“I always say sashimi and a salad with ginger dressing is great. Fish and veggies if that’s an option as well,” tells Kelly.  Places like Sugarfish, however, don’t really let you customize too much so, in those cases, Kelly recommends splitting a rice roll/sushi with a friend and then eating sashimi as the rest of your meal.  “White rice is gluten free, so it’s not a major deal- but only two orders so you’re good with portion control. If the rolls aren’t that big, get a veggie roll for greens and fiber.”

McDonald’s/fast food

As an LA girl, Kelly LOVES In-N-Out Burger but she always orders a hamburger protein-style (i.e. no bun) and an iced tea when indulging there.  “When you look at the menu (at any fast food restaurant), you have to find the healthiest options,” tells Kelly.  She suggests oatmeal with nuts as one option, or a big garden salad, and find an alternative dressing.
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