Mother’s Day Message

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and a very special one to the amazing woman I get to call my mom! Mother’s Day is the day to celebrate and thank all the hardworking, caring, selfless, thoughtful, and loving moms in the world. It isn’t just a day for women who have necessarily given birth to children, but it is also a day to celebrate the women in your life who have mothered you.

Mother's Day | Katherine SchwarzeneggerWomen can mother and be mothered in so many ways. Oftentimes, people will go the women in their lives to ask for advice (or to just vent), when they need help or just want to be listened to. For many people, this is a form of mothering. Whether it is mothering your children, your pets, your friends who no longer have mothers or just being there for someone in the way a mother would, the act of mothering is everywhere!

One woman who I happen to think does the best job of mothering is my mom. My mom is more than just a mother… she is also my best friend. She is always there for me in life no matter the day or time. She is there to build me up when I am feeling weak. She is there to listen to me when I am confused. She is there to support me when I am feeling alone. She is there to make me laugh after a long day. She is there to bring me back to my roots when life gets crazy. But most of all, she is there to love me and allow me to feel loved every second of my life!

Mother's Day | Katherine Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

My mom is in “mom mode” 24/7 no matter what she is doing. Her number one priority and concern in life is the happiness and well-being of my siblings and me. She has raised us each to be our own individual person, told us that no dream is too big but that we would have to work like hell to achieve it. She has shown my sister and me how to be strong, independent women and that you can be smart and sexy at the same time. She has taught my brothers how to treat a woman and that it’s okay to be sensitive and manly at the same time.

She is the best all-around woman I have ever met; an amazing woman, friend, sister, aunt, pillar of strength, superwoman, role model, and I am lucky enough to call her my mom.

Mother's Day | Katherine Schwarzenegger

Happy Mother’s Day Mama, I love you!




  1. Such a beautiful message!!! You and your family are gorgeous :)

  2. Anne-Marie says:

    Very nice — but please learn how to use pronouns.

    … my siblings and I …

    … my sister and I …

    It should be me, not I.