Fun In The Sun: The Best Sunscreens For Your Adventures

Since the beaming sun is coming back out, I thought it was just about the right time to do a post on the best sunscreens out there. Over the years, I have become a skincare addict and am always looking for ways to protect my skin in the best way possible. I love learning more about skin and how to keep it healthy and youthful.


We always hear about skin cancer, sun damage, and the importance of taking care of our skin while we are young. Even when we don’t see the sun outside, it’s always important to wear some sort of SPF on our faces. No matter if you are lying out for a tan, at the beach, driving to and from work or just out and about, you are always exposed to the sun.

So whether you are wearing makeup and need a good SPF in your foundation, or going makeup free and need a good sun shield, here are the top sunscreens for your face and body, with and without tint, to keep your skin protected and glowing all year round.


  1. DAN RAZVAN says:

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  2. Rakesh Arya says:

    Wonderful Sun….wonderful photo

  3. Have you ever tried Coola? They make my favorite!