Flowery Chat with Eric Buterbaugh

Hey everyone! For today’s “Kat Asks” interview I spoke with Eric Buterbaugh. He is extremely talented and has some fun advice to share with you. I’m so thankful he took the time to chat with me, I know you’re going to love him! xo

Tastemaker Eric Buterbaugh

1. How would you describe your “taste”?
Opulently sophisticated, but in a simple way.

2. Where do you get your “taste” from?
I think you are born with taste … it is in your DNA or it is not.

3. What is your most recent obsession?
At my work I am obsessed with peonies … my favorite flower which happens to be in season. In personal life I am OBSESSED with the new high-heeled Christian Louboutin boots!!

4. What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to taste/style?
INSECURITY … if you go for something then fully commit and “go for it” Have the courage to be different.

5. Can you be taught “taste”?
I don’t think you can … most people think they have taste … much smarter to realize that you do not and seek good advice and “take the advice”

6. What is really bad taste?
The mullet haircut is really very bad.

7. Can you have good taste on a budget? How?
You can definitely have good taste on a budget. When on a budget a good rule of thumb is “keep it simple” also “less is more”.

8. What is the one thing every girl/woman should own in life?
Everyone should have a good pair of black shoes… men and women…

9. What is your favorite quote or motto?
“girls gotta eat” !!!!!!!!

10. What are 3 things people don’t know about you?
That I am actually quite shy and always prefer small one on one situations over big groups. That I have absolutely no confidence in “affairs of the heart”.

11. Any advice for aspiring tastemakers in your field?
Use “new media” fervently to evolve your craft … Pinterest, Instagram, etc are an amazing resource to help develop your own look …

12. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Living the good life!!! Hopping from island to island and boat to boat … Want my golden years to be full of laughter !!!!!!

13. Which living person do you most admire?
HM.. Queen Elizabeth who carries herself with grace and dignity always. Love royals and all that surrounds them.

14. What is your biggest challenge with owning a flower / event shop and how do you overcome it?
I think always with any small business it is the money and employee management part. Creative people usually are bad at the money side, so you really have to get a team in place to drive that part of it so you become a solid company.

15. What does “being creative” mean to you?
Being creative means thinking outside the box. It means keeping your eyes open and seeing and experiencing inspiration everywhere.

16. What is one thing (a brand, product, website, store, etc) that best represents your personal taste?
I think the Christian Louboutin brand is amazing .. His website completely conveys his quirky eccentric humor … and his brand is genius and always pushing boundaries and changing the world he commands…

Tastemaker Eric Buterbaugh

Tastemaker Eric Buterbaugh


  1. Jim Pallutto Sr says:

    Thanks to K and Alice for the kale recipe. I usually use the curly kale grown here in Vermont for a “beans n” greens” dish made with olive oil and garlic. Very simple, very tasty! I appreciate your extending my culinary repertoire with the “dino” kale. Nice site too; I love all the interactive features, great pictures and interesting writing. Good luck, I’ll be back. Jim P

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