My Favorite Ways to Style a Coffee Table

A coffee table is such an important living room staple and can really make (or break) the room!  A lot of people get overwhelmed with the idea of styling a coffee table, and I totally get it, but you really only need a few easy elements to add some dimension and flair to your table. Here are my favorite ways to style it up :)


You can never go wrong with beautiful coffee table books (via


A lucite table is great for smaller spaces since it gives the illusion of more space and the baskets underneath are a super cute touch (and also great for storage!). (via


Mix textures! I love the way these flowers look with the crystal sculpture and stack of books. (via


Sometimes flowers with a little height is all you need! (via @IdaIllustrates)


Add an unexpected touch. These green objects are so fun and interesting- definitely an awesome conversation-starter! (via


  1. Wow, really cute setups. The fourth one is my favourite from this list.

  2. Love it.
    Great setup–very inspiring.
    Would love to have one of these!