5 Easy Way To Workout While You Travel

You guys know that I’ve been having tons of fun while traveling on my T.J.Maxx #RoadToReal tour but, admittedly, it’s been hard getting in a good workout with my busy schedule these days.  I recently chatted with awesome personal trainer Chase Weber (you’ve probably seen him on Damsel in Dior’s Snapchat!) about a few EASY exercises that I can do while traveling; what I love about these five moves is that I can do them in any hotel room and you don’t need any equipment, which means a lighter suitcase for me :)  Here are Chase’s five easy workouts to do while you travel:


Shuffle & Touch
All you need is about 8 feet of space to do this exercise. You want to shuffle step once on each side and touch the ground with the interior leg extended straight. Do this at your own pace!
3x: 1 min each rep

image1 (1)
Step Back Lunge with a High Knee Raise
Start by standing straight up then step back into a lunge and as you come up drive your knee up with some force while engaging your core. This works on balance as well as glutes and thighs!

3x: 20 for each leg

image3 Walk Over Push-Ups
You can use anything to make a line! A sock, pencil, and even a shoe. Start by doing a push-up on one side & walk your hands over your line and do a push-up on the other. Keep your core engaged so that you keep a good posture!
3x: 12 each rep

Chair Dips

When doing dips be sure to stay close to the chair as possible to fully get a bend in your elbow. The most common mistake is to float away from the chair as you get tired which will put a lot of stress on your shoulders causing injury.

3x: 15 each rep


Squat Jumps

Get into a load position and jump in the air while throwing your hands up at the same time. Get as high up as you can! Major key: Keep your head up the when doing this to keep good balance!
3x: 15 each  rep

image1 (2)
Lateral Quick Feet
All you need is 3 lines and about 6 feet of space!  Jump in between each “line” as quickly as possible.

3x: 1 minute for each rep

For more workout tips from Chase, follow him on Instagram.

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