Where To Donate Your Old Stuff!

There’s no better feeling than when you clean out your house or apartment and THEN find a great new home(s) for all the stuff you just purged, am I right?!  One question that I get from a lot is “where’s the best place to donate all my stuff,” so I wanted to put together a quick cheat sheet on my favorite places to donate and what to donate where. :)

Tell me, where do you donate?


Homeless shelters will always take food (especially canned goods), but what I think is also really awesome is AmpleHarvest.org. This organization will take produce that you grow (or grew and don’t want! Maybe you have a lemon tree that makes too many lemons for you to use?) and disperses it to hundreds of local food pantries across the country. Waste not, want not.

Old blankets, towels, sheets, etc.

Animal shelters are happy to take old blanket and linens, as long as they’re clean!  To find a no kill animal shelter near you, just google “No kill animal shelter in (your city)” and the options should pop up.

Books and old magazines

Senior citizen centers will often accept books and magazines, as well as most local libraries.

Clothing, shoes and accessories

Goodwill is always a good option, but you can also donate to a local homeless shelter or, depending on the type of clothing and accessories, you might want to also consider Dress For Success (they accept more business-appropriate clothing.  I also always make time to donate to local churches, especially around the holidays!  Just make sure you check each organization’s list of what they accept/won’t accept.

Small furniture and other miscellaneous items

Pickup Please takes almost everything AND they will even pick it up from your house! It doesn’t get any easier than that, right? Plus the donations you make via this company will go to benefit Vietnam Veterans.


  1. rakesh arya says:

    Spring is here too…..Time for new leafs …
    mating & nesting time…
    We run a small animal shelter, where we r having around 17 cats & 31 abandon dogs.
    Send u photos soon.Help us by sending food & medicine , if possible.

  2. Thank you for these tips. Our lemon trees are dripping with produce and will contact Ample Harvest tomorrow ! Brilliant suggestions.