7 Creative Ways To Ask Your Friend to Be Your Bridesmaid

It’s that time…wedding season is almost upon us!  If you happen to be getting married soon and are looking for a fun, creative way to ask your friends to be in your bridal party, I LOVE these five ideas.  They’re affordable, super cute and, best of all, really thoughtful.

How did you ask your friends to be your bridesmaids?

A secret egg message: One of my friends sent me an egg that you crack open and it seriously made my day! There’s a cute little fortune inside that says “will you be my bridesmaid?”

Hanky Panky Bridesmaid Thong: Another friend gifted me a this and a cute card when she asked me to be her bridesmaid and I was thrilled!

Custom wine bottle label: How great is this?! You can customize the photo and friend’s name and then just stick it on a bottle of her favorite wine (right over the existing label) :)

Custom card: I love that you can insert a photo of you and your friend, plus it comes wrapped in a really pretty twine ribbon!

Unravelling ribbon: If you’re a DIY girl, this project from BridalMusings.com is so cute!

Surprise mug: This would be especially cute if you invited her over for coffee and then she saw this and was actually surprised!

Bridesmaid survival kit: You can totally DIY this kit yourself (though this one sells on Etsy for only $4!).

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  1. rakesh arya says:

    ….but like the coffee mug…& the thong is great