Adoptable Dogs of the Week: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Best Friends is an organization that I definitely had to feature; for starters, they have an amazing Sanctuary where about 1,600 animals are currently residing!  Best Friends owns nearly 3,700 acres, and leases another 17,000 acres of state and federal land. Nearly 30,000 people visit every year to meet the animals and tour what has become the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals – pretty amazing, right?  The five dogs below are just a small sampling of some of the wonderful animals (not just dogs!) that they take care of…

Express, senior dog (German Shepard)

Express wants to do exactly what her name says: express her love to you. She is a real sweetheart and a mellow girl who enjoys the simple things in life: going for a nice walk, sniffing a good smell, being brushed, getting belly rubs, lounging in the sun and taking naps on a soft, cushy bed.

Express does have a few sensitivities. She doesn’t like other dogs around her while she is eating her meals. She prefers to dine alone, or she will guard her food. She would be perfectly fine as an only pet, but when it comes to canine companions she does best with dogs who give her space and who are okay with her bossy ways (she’s a lady who knows what she wants). Express passed a cat encounter at the Sanctuary.

Express is fearful of medical handling and can be defensive in those situations. She is totally fine with non-medical handling, though, and enjoys being petted. Express was born in 2006, and is looking for a loving home where she can enjoy her golden years. For more details on how you can adopt, please email

Raquel, adult dog (Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler)

If you’re looking for a fun, active dog, you just have to meet Raquel. She has lots of energy and loves to play. Though she’d prefer to play with people, she also does quite well entertaining herself. Intelligent and eager to learn, Raquel would excel at obedience and/or agility training. Once she gets to know people, she loves them forever and is excellent at cuddling and giving hugs. Raquel does not do well with other dogs, and will need to go to a home where she can be the only one. Born in 2012, she’ll make a great companion for a dog savvy person. If that sounds like you, Raquel would be thrilled to meet you.

Raquel is part of our Single Pets* program! That means that she is eligible for a free flight home and waived adoption fee!  For more details on how you can adopt, please email

*Single pets do best as the only dog or cat in the home.

Joy, senior dog (Staffordshire Bull Terrier / Shar Pei / Mixed)

She could either be totally attentive or daydreaming. Who can tell by those ears? Actually, Joy offers the best of both worlds! Her attentive side is eager to please people. She already knows sit, stay, down and come. All she wants in return are love and tummy rubs, which bring us to – her dreamy side! Those belly scratches send her right into a fantasy world. Those eyes are usually laser-focused, but you can just see her zone out under the spell of your touch.

Her dreams are filled with wishes for love and belly rubs from a person of her very own. Joy has Babesia, a blood disorder usually picked up from a tick bite. Because it can be transmitted among dogs, Joy must be an only child.

But she’s ready and willing to give you as much love as an entire pack! Born in 2006, this smart, outgoing gal also loves to run and play. Everyone needs more joy in their life; how about bringing this Joy into yours?

Joy has a generous sponsor who will pay for the transportation costs to her new home.  For more details on how you can adopt, please email

Rory, adult dog, (Border Collie)

Rory had a good home, but she lost it when her person had a life change and had to leave her in a household that proved to be too chaotic for her.

Rory is very picky with her doggy friends, and can be shy and fearful with new people. She’s currently working on building trust with her caregivers. Once she gets to know someone, she is sweet and sensitive and will lean in for affection.

Rory (born in 2009) likes to stay active. She enjoys playing ball and going for car rides. And she’s especially fond of water, including kiddie pools, the creek, and water buckets. She’d love a home where she can get some splashing or swimming in every now and again.

Rory is part of our Single Pets* program! That means that she is eligible for a free flight home and waived adoption fee!  For more details on how you can adopt, please email

*Single pets do best as the only dog or cat in the home.

Lava, adult dog, (Shepherd / Chow Chow / Mixed)

A stray for three years in Texas, Lava was shy and fearful when she first arrived at Best Friends. But she’s extremely food motivated. She’s learned ”sit’ and ‘down,’ and she’ll let people scratch her chin in exchange for treats. She’s learned to jump into low cars and to enjoy going for car rides.

In Dogtown, Lava meets volunteers who read to her and hand feed her to build trust. She responds well to a leash and really likes her walks. Lately, she’s started exploring new places and accepting more petting and brushing from people she knows.

Born in 2010, Lava has issues with bladder infections and crystals. She needs regular monitoring by a veterinarian to stay healthy. Though she is picky about her dog friends, she’d probably do fine living with cats. Lava has great potential for progress and just needs someone willing to gently lead the way.

Lava has a generous sponsor that has offered to pay her adoption fee.  For more details on how you can adopt, please email

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