Beach Beauty: Hairstyles for Summer

Summer Hairstyles

I think we can all agree that this time of year, this spring and summer season is truly beautiful. With summer fast approaching, I’ve been caught (more than once!) daydreaming about days at the beach with my friends, warm nights on the town and those extra rays of Vitamin D we’re about to have.

But warmer weather also means a change in our beauty regimen. Water-proof makeup is one thing, but figuring out hairstyles to manage my long locks is a whole other animal. My cousin Natasha helped me with my favorite styles, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you today and see if you had any suggestions too.

Summer Hairstyles fishtail braid

I love this style braid because it’s clean, cute and pretty good at keeping long hair in place.

Summer Hairstyles fishtail braid

1. Part your hair to the side and pull back and to one side (right behind your ear) into a low and loose ponytail. Once hair is secure, brush out any tangles.

2. Divide hair into 2 sections. Grab small pieces from the back of each side of hair and bring around to the opposite side. The smaller the pieces of hair you grab, the tighter the fishtail will look. Repeat this all the way down the ponytail and secure with a hair tie.

3. Once you have braided your hair, you can leave as is or for a messier look, grab the sides of the braid and gently pull on the hair to loosen and give it a more chic hippy look.

4. Pull the braid to the side or let it fall down your back.

Summer Hairstyles messy ponytail

This is my go-to style pretty much all year round… especially when I sleep in and have little to no time to get ready. If you’re spending a bunch of time outside, the heat and humidity will eventually put a damper on your hair, so embrace the mess and you won’t have to worry!

Summer Hairstyles messy ponytail

1. Brush through hair to make it tangle free. Pull hair slick back and secure with a hair tie. (If you don’t want a complete slick back, pull your layers out a bit around your face like Natasha).

2. Once the hair is up in a ponytail, pull out a small piece of hair from underneath the ponytail. Wrap around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin, under your ponytail.

3. You can tease your ponytail for a more voluminous look or leave sleek.

Summer Hairstyles sock bun

This one might take a little more time than the rest, but the sock bun is gorgeous if you’re going for a little sophistication. It’s also awesome at keeping long hair out of your face, and it looks good at all levels, high to low.

Summer Hairstyles sock bun

1. Take an old sock and cut off the toe.

2. Fold over the sock until it rolls into a circle like the one pictured above.

3. Put hair in a slick back pony tail and slip the circle sock bun through your ponytail so it sits on top of your hair elastic.

4. Drag the sock down to the ends of hair and begin flipping the hair over the sides of the sock, being careful to cover the sock with your hair. Do this until you reach the top of your ponytail. Hold in place and secure with bobby pins.

5. Once the bun is set and ready to go you can leave it as is or add a bow by carefully wrapping a ribbon around the bun and tying into a bow.

*Note: To make this look less conservative, do what I did on Natasha and make it a bit messier on both the bun and the slick back pony. I pulled some of her layers down by her face, which relaxed the updo a bit. This is a great hairstyle to do when your hair is greasy or you just want to get it out of your face for those hot summer days.

Summer Hairstyles sock bun

Summer Hairstyles beach waves

Seems obvious, but wavy beach curls are totally appropriate for the summer season. Try scrunching your hair with some product or whip out your curler and heat up some curls before you leave the house. If you have naturally curly hair embrace the curl for the summer heat and just add some styling cream.

Summer Hairstyles beach waves

1. Part your hair to the side you usually part and brush out hair so its tangle free and parted into two sections.

2. Once your iron is hot and ready, grab small pieces of your hair and wrap hair around the iron rod making sure to wrap your hair going away from your face. Continue this around the rest of your head.

3. Once you are done, run your fingers through your waves to loosen them to create a more natural looking effect.

4. Finish with finishing spray or if you want a more beachy look, use a beach spray. My favorites are Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray or Philip B. Maui Wowie Mist.

Summer Hairstyles flirty ponytail

Most people will agree that curls or waves in your hair are always better the second or third day after! On the final day when you want to get just one more day of use out of your waves, don’t be afraid to put it up in a cute and flirty ponytail. I always do this and it’s great for summer hair!

Summer Hairstyles flirty ponytail

1. Tilt head back, letting your hair fall down your back.

2. Pull hair back into a ponytail and secure with a hair elastic. Pull down any layers or bangs you have to add to the cute pony.

3. Tighten the ponytail to give it the light and fun effect, which also leaves it sitting high on your head. Ready to conquer the day!

Now, if you wake up and just don’t have the energy to do your hair there is always my favorite place, Dry Bar. Alli Webb is a genius for creating this idea and I constantly go there. A blow-dry for $35 bucks? YES please!

These styles are mostly for long hair, but if you have ideas for all the short-haired readers, please share in the comments!





  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh I just love all of these styles! And they look so easy! Thanks Katherine :)

  2. Thanks so much for posting these hair styles! I have super long hair, but never know what to do with it! This will definitely help!

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  4. Love the beach waves and sock bun! I do those all the time :)

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    Hair styles to long hairs ..I, !