#AskKat: How to Turn Your Blog Into a Business

A few weeks back I asked you guys to send me your career questions and thank you for sending so many great questions! Today I’m addressing Sarah’s question below on how to turn your blog into a business.

By the way, this is going to be a bi-weekly column for the time being so feel free to keep those questions coming! You can comment on this post, on my Instagram or tweet me with #AskKat so I know what it’s in reference to.


What advice do you have for writers who wants to make a business out of their blogs?


Hi Sarah!

This is a great question that, of course, has many answers.  However, from my own personal experience, these are my best tips to turn your blog into a sustainable business.

  1. Build your social media presence: This means having active Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest accounts (Yup! It’s a lot of work!). I also always say that it’s important to comment and like on other blogger’s posts as well. It’s all about community.
  2. Be authentic: If you’re not being yourself people will see right through you and know it. Being authentic is the best way to carve out your niche and create a clear path for your growth. For example, if you’re awesome at cooking but are terrible at baking, collaborate with another blogger who bakes! This way your content will still be top-notch and you’ll also have the opportunity to grow your audience base.
  3. Collaborate: Like I mentioned above, collaboration is a great way to get exposure to a new audience and, of course, have some fun!
  4. Create engaging content: At the end of the day, people come to a blog because the content is engaging and unique; that said, you must come up with content that’s different from the thousands of other blogs out there to keep people coming back.





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