#AskKat: Should I Take Time Off After Graduation?

In today’s #AskKat post Adam wants to know what to do after graduating college…here’s what I think.

By the way, this is going to be a bi-weekly column for the time being so feel free to keep those questions coming! You can comment on this post, on my Instagram or tweet me with #AskKat so I know what it’s in reference to.


Adam Hergert What should be a person’s top priority be after graduation?  Some say “time off” or “taking a break,” and some people dive right in and excel, or regret the decision. What’s the balance, and what do you recommend?


Hi Adam,

That’s a really great question and a question that I think a lot of college seniors struggle with.  In my opinion, you have to do what’s best for you, while also understanding that everyone’s situation (especially financially) is completely different.  If you feel like you need some “time off” after graduation, whether that means one month, six months or even a year, you should do what’s best for you. However, definitely understand that the time off shouldn’t be considered a vacation; use that time to think about what career path you really want and how you can achieve it in a specific amount of time. Use your time off to set real-life, achievable goals for yourself and come up with an action plan to get what you want.

By the way, I actually wrote a book called I Just Graduated…Now What?if you want even more advice and tips about post-graduation life.



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