5 of My Current TV Show Favorites

Who else loves to cozy up and watch their favorite shows at night?! (raises hand, ha)  I usually end up watching most of my favorites on my laptop but, of course, I also enjoy a night in the living room with friends and family watching old FRIENDS episodes as well. :)

Here are five of my current TV obsessions. What are yours?

This Is Us: It’s just so good and so real!
Narcos: This one is hands-down my Netfix fave!
FRIENDS: Forever my fave! I recently watched every single one of their Thanksgiving episodes all in a row and couldn’t stop laughing.
The Mindy Project:  I was so relieved when Hulu bought this show from Fox and decided to continue the series! Mindy is hilarious and quirky and I’m always up for watching her antics.
Grey’s Anatomy: There’s no drama like doctor drama, right? I’ve been watching this series since day one and I’m officially hooked.
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One Comment

  1. I like ‘Friends’ very much!
    and also my fave is Hannah Mantana
    Do you so Hannah?